7 reasons: Why Testosterone has taken over your home!


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7 reasons Why, you know Testosterone has taken over your home!

7 reasons you know Testosterone has taken over your home!

So the testosterone train has set off in your home, is it even possible to stop the male species from committing some of the biggest sin’s us women most definitely hate. I don’t know! I have not managed to find a solution to derail this mighty train, but here are 7 ways you can tell the train is in motion in your humble home.


1) The toilet seat is constantly ‘up’, If it, isn’t it is decorated with little drops of wee and you can never find the culprit.

2) The toilet roll is always left empty on the toilet roll holder, never thrown away or dread to think replaced. I persistently ask and with great effort every now and again I have managed to get the a new roll placed on top of the shelve behind the toilet, still no where near the holder.

3) The Laundry bin is never full… I KNOW with a house full of boys, I expect you find that very hard to believe. It’s true instead the washing is thrown over the landing in front of the laundry bin, or better still, left in little piles by the sides of beds, like a little gift for me each day, how kind… Not!

7 reasons you know Testosterone has taken over your home!

4) Even after doing the ‘Big Shop’ The fridge seems constantly empty, even whilst I am unpacking with no help may i add, little hands and big ones too, mostly are creeping in taking all the best and ready to eat food like little Gremlins!

5) When I go into every room in the house, I am greeted with a battle scene from one of the following games Battlefield or Halo. I am constantly being told “You made me die”, When all I did was walk in front of the TV in my own living room in some cases! Sometimes it’s the only way to get their attention, but it’s not always done on purpose.

6) Conversation is non-existent, grunts replace general pleasant chit-chat!

7 reasons you know Testosterone has taken over your home!

7) The big sulk – Who knew men and boys were such major Sulkers? I do now – I think the male species should be born with a ‘beware of sulking’ warning label attached.

Maybe when it is the other way around and your home is a female dominated zone. What’s life like with so much female energy around?

I was one of three girls, I feel for my dad as when I look back, we were all a nightmare to live with!

Although I could go on all day long about my testosterone dominated house,  I would love to hear your stories and pet hates about the men and boys in your life that drive you over the edge.


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