Asda Chosen by Kids special event


                                                  Chosen by Kids Range at Asda

Chosen by Kids Range at Asda

To mark the launch of Asda’s biggest ever kids food range ‘chosen by kids’, I was invited to attend a special event held to give mummy bloggers and our little ones an exclusive insight into the unique testing process. A sneak preview and taste of some of the ranges new delicious mum and child friendly food.

Chosen by Kids Range at Asda

I took along three of my own little monsters, my son Jake and niece and nephew Riley and Lydia.On the way from the car to Asda House my niece turned to me and asked “Are we VIP’s?”, I answered I suppose yes you are.The next comment made me chuckle, “we are VIP’s Very Important Princes and Princesses”.

Chosen by Kids Range at Asda


On arrival at Asda House, we were greeted by a ‘Monster Makeover’, the entrance was manned by the monster mascots which my nephew Riley loved to cuddle and pose for a photo with!

Chosen by Kids Range at Asda


Once Inside I was amazed, the whole of the foyer had been transformed into zones, breakfast, lunch, snacks and tea time.All the zones were filled with yummy food for kids and to match the theme of the zone.We got chance to have a wander around the areas, staff were on hand at each zone to talk us through the range and answer any questions we had.

Next stop we headed to what appeared to be a party room, decorated just like a birthday party!, this was very special for the children. After we had all taken our seats the food began to arrive, the children were given two paddles,one with ‘Yum’ and one with ‘Yuk’ on.

Chosen by Kids Range at Asda

All the children had to vote for each course with their paddles, there was an awful lot of ‘Yum’ on display.I thought this was a great idea to involve the kid’s, this way all the opinions were that of the kid’s and not the adults for a change!

I was shocked at some of the foods my kid’s tried and enjoyed, they cannot trick me anymore and tell me they don’t like eating certain foods.

One of our favourite foods we tried were the ‘carrot & potato waffles'; they are so moreish ,such an easy tea-time treat,straight from the freezer to the kid’s plates in no time at all.

The instant porridge pots at only 58 pence each provide a simple solution to school mornings,especially now the weather is changing, their innovative thermal packaging keeps cool and protects little hands making them so easy to eat on the go.My cuboard is now stocked up with these tasty breakfast treats.

Chosen by Kids Range at Asda

After such a feast the children got to taste more food back in the foyer, whilst us parents got the chance to have a look at the full range of food in detail.

Finally, after the children couldn’t possibly eat anything else, it was time for photos and they were each sent home with a lunchbox, notepad and some tasty treats.

The chosen by kid’s range is guaranteed to be an instant hit and a firm family favourite.

Chosen by Kids Range at Asda

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    looks great fun

  • vinma

    Looks like the kids had so much fun! Beautiful pics :) Thanks for sharing them.

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    looks like the kids had loads of fun, loving all the characters x

  • kayleigh white

    Fabulous fun!

  • Susan Hall

    Looks so exciting :D

  • Samantha R

    the mascots look great

  • Ceri jones

    Always nice to be VIPs !