The Bonnie Marcus Collection – #Giveaway #win


The Bonnie Marcus Collection



Our friends at Parragon Books have teamed together with award-winning stationery designer Bonnie Marcus to create this marvelous book collection.



This chic crossword collection is part of a great new range of Pretty Pocket Puzzles featuring the stylish illustrations of the Bonnie Marcus Collection. This crossword puzzle book is brought to life by a gorgeous tactile cover and slips prettily into your pocket. Sharpening your brain by solving these words-finding puzzles has never been so fashionable!

Also available






These and many more Bonnie Marcus items can be purchased here

We have been given a selection of Bonnie Marcus products to giveaway to one of our  very lucky readers at umeandthekids.

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  1. This giveaway is open to all UK residents only.
  2. A winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter and announced on this Competition page, Via Twitter and Facebook
  3. The winner will be contacted by e-mail, if they do not respond within 28 days another winner may be chosen.
  4. Any non delivery is unfortunately not my responsibility, yet I will try to help with any non delivery issues
  5. Entries will be checked before the Winner is announced
  6. Competition ends on 27/04/2014

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  • Jo Hutchinson

    Stella McCartney

  • iain maciver

    stella mccartney

  • Elizabeth Ferguson


  • Hayley Fountain

    orla kiely x

  • Kathy Cakebread

    stella mcartney

  • Kathy D

    John Galliano

  • John Taggart

    Stella McCartney

  • laura stewart


  • Gillian Holmes

    stella mccartney

  • karen cowley

    Love Prada , lots xx

  • frances hopkins

    To be honest I don’t have one :-(

  • michele omalley

    I don’t have one, if I like a design I will buy it

  • Susan Laing

    Marc Jacobs

  • Melanie C

    Emma Bridgewater x

  • Claire D

    Donna Karen

  • marie thorburn

    Calvin Clein

  • Catherine Culmer

    Cathrine Hammel

  • Anneka Hulse

    Cath Kidson


    Stella McCartney

  • laura farnworth

    Victoria Beckham

  • Harley

    Victoria beckham x

  • Lynn Heath

    Matthew Williamson

  • Leanne Lunn

    Christian Louboutin

  • Carol Peace

    I don’t really have one but being an ‘older ‘ person I just buy what I like my daughters like Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham.

  • chantelle hazelden

    i dont have one x

  • Erica Price

    Stella McCartney

  • cherie shaw

    Vera Wang

  • Harriet

    Stella McCartney

  • dawn obrien

    don’t really have one, but the designers at primark are excellent!

  • Tania Atfield

    Marc Jacobs

  • Annie Costa

    Mary Katrantzou

  • Laura Pritchard

    Henry Holland

  • Debbie Burfoot

    I dont have a fave….if i like the clothes i buy them as long as they are in my budget

  • Natasha Mairs

    I don’t really have a favourite designer. I just stick with Primark x

  • michelle banks

    i havent really got a favourite designer x

  • Zoe Roxby

    Jimmy Choo

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Vera Wang

  • Leah Wheatley

    Cath Kidson

  • claire nutman

    Karen millen

  • angela sandhu

    Stella McCartney

  • Lisa Everaert

    stella mcartney

  • lorraine stone

    Vivienne Westwood.

  • Claire

    im not sure i have a favourite designer. its the items themselves i like, despite who makes them. I do like Michael Kors bags, but sadly waaay out of price range!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • rachelhirst

      I am similar to yourself, I love to wear what I wear. When I go shopping there is so much choice. Why on earth would I limit myself to just one designer, however, these book by Bonnie Marcus are super cool!

  • Kathrine B

    My favourite designer is Marc Jacobs- love his Marc By Marc Jacobs range!

  • barbara daniels

    victoria beckham. great blog

  • Sandra Clarke

    Vivienne Westwood

  • jamie banks

    havent really got 1 x

  • anthony martin

    dolce and gabanna

  • Stephanie Tsang

    Orla Kiely

  • jessica agyin

    Stella McCartney

  • Diana Croos


  • Tracy Nixon

    Stella McCartney – love her clothes!

  • Tracy Nixon
  • Lauren Old

    Alexander McQueen

  • Lauren Old

    I’ve commented on this blog post –

  • Jo Hutchinson
  • Christina Jarrett

    Cath Kidson!

  • Rach

    Stella McCartney

  • Trinity Axelson

    Vera Wang

  • Laura Asplin

    Vivienne Westwood

  • rebecca nisbet

    i love the cath kidston stuff

  • kim neville

    I love Victoria Beckham

  • Jayne T

    I don’t have one. Thanks for the lovely giveaway :)

  • katie Kathurima

    Victoria Beckham

  • Rebecca Gransden

    William Morris

  • sharon smith

    Stella McCartney

  • Julie Henderson

    stella mccartney

  • Patricia Avery

    I can’t afford to have a favourite designer. I like designs that look good whatever the latest fashion happens to be :)

  • Diana

    Stella McCartney

  • george brown


  • Rachel white

    I like lots of different designers for their different styles… but I am partial to marc jacobs :-D

  • Christopher Fletcher

    Thomas Hetherwick

  • Kate Milton

    I don’t have a favourite designer, I love Asda George though, that’s about my price range does that count?

  • Nicola Holland

    HEnry Holland

  • Julie Davies

    Cath Kidston

  • kate

    stella mcartney

  • Robby Price

    Stella McCartney

  • amanda e

    Vivenne Westwood

  • Kerry Lethbridge

    Vivienne Westwood

  • Deborah Bird

    Cath Kidston

  • Jill Cordner

    Honestly don’t have one, I like lots of different designers x

  • Jill Cordner
  • Natalie Henderson

    Donna Karen

  • Sheri Darby

    I’ve no idea – probably someone really uncool

  • Karen Hannah

    I don’t really know any – but I do like Cath Kidston stuff if that counts?

  • Jane Middleton

    Cath Kidson

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    Alexander McQueen

  • Jackie Chapman

    orla kiely

  • Jackie Chapman
  • jodie harvey

    prada for me

  • donna jones

    stella mcartney

  • Andrea Johnson

    Victoria Beckham

  • laura avery

    Zandra rhodes..outlandish and thought provoking.

  • Maria Messruther

    I dont have one to be honest. I have an eclectic taste :)

  • Donna Kent

    Victoria Beckham is making some amazing dresses now.

  • claire little

    Marc Jacobs :)

  • SARA

    Victoria Beckham

  • sian hallewell

    Not having the money to weat designer clothes, I’ve never really followed any designers so whilst I can name a few Victoria Beckham, Stella macartney, I haven’t got a favourite

  • Allan Fullarton

    Stella McCartney

  • Pam Gregory


  • Laura Vitty

    I love anything from the Missoni fashion house

  • Natalie Gillham

    stella macartney

  • Natalie Gillham
  • SamFernley @happyhomebird

    Honestly don’t have one as yet :)

  • Keeley Shaw

    There are quite a few designers I like, not sure of a favourite, but I do like Vivienne Westwood’s quirkiness, Chanel’s elegance, and all shoe designers. x


    Stella McCartney although Asda George is more my price range.

  • heather tinkler

    Cath Kidson

  • Jenni Wren