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So what is Cyber Stalking?

Due to the internet growing over the years, it is so easy for someone to stalk you online. So many people suffer as a result of this type of behavior and it can have some devastating effects on your life. The typical people who carry out this act will be highly persistent and continual contact you, making it a rather annoying and distressing time.

I don’t want to scare everyone but really we need to get on top of this and make those who commit such terrible crimes, find it difficult to make us a victim.

So what does a CyberStalker look like?

It can be anyone, and I mean anyone. The problem is most of these people will have online aliases and images. This makes it very difficult, but not impossible for these people to be traced.

Should I be worried about Cyberstalking?

Yes, but by making a few simple changes to your online activities and better protecting yourself and family against these people, you can make sure your safety is paramount.

cyberstalking help

 Where do I begin to stop Cyberstalking?

First things first, never place too much information on the internet about yourself. This may be teaching you to suck eggs, but a quick google search can reveal a lot about a person.

Any form of Stalking needs to be reported to the Police, the police are there to help and they have far better powers enabling them to attack the Cyberstalking head on.

Stalking in the UK is something that is taken very seriously, again, you don’t need to know the person who is doing it male or female, you just want them to stop. These people may stop on their own, but sometimes a little help is required and you must protect yourself.

What can Cyberstalkers do?

They can take over your online identity, some of these people are very clever and use your identity to harass and stalk others.

They can take over your profiles and online accounts, i.e. Facebook, twitter and so on.

They can use your details to obtain private accounts which they can use to fraudulently obtain credit in your name.

They can create their own profiles to trick you into thinking they are someone else.

They can find out where you live simply by GPS tracking of your personal mobile phone or pictures you have taken. (Did you know pictures have meta information in them which can reveal a lot about you. Try it out!

They can create website’s and blogs that can post information about you and simply use the information they have gathered to make it sound like you are writing the information.

They could send you messages threatening you and your family.

They could not only stalk you, but depending on how determined they are, they could stalk your family too.

Use your image to commit online crime or stalking.

This can become physical with some stalkers wanting to get close to you or even commit violence against you.

They can have severe impact on you and your family. Cyberstalkers can have an effect on your mental health and well being. The worst thing is, Cyberstalkers more than likely want you to feel this way. 

These are only some of the things you can feel and experience as a result of Cyberstalking and you really need to take note.

cyberstalking help

How do I protect myself against Cyberstalking?

Never reply back to these people, not even in anger don’t give them the time of day.

Check your information,  by simply looking through your online accounts you can change so much information and make your profiles private.

A good tip is to change your passwords regularly and make sure you include number’s and capitals.

Change your e-mail address every so often, although this may be difficult for someone who relies on this.

Think before you type! Seriously, you won’t need to clear your information up if you don’t put it there in the first place.

Do not use Public WiFi hotspots, you could be in a fast food restaurant and how do you know someone is not hacking into your personal details whilst you sit and eat.

You need to have your computer well protected get a good online anti-virus and a firewall. This prevents people hacking past your router and obtaining information from inside your personal devices and computers.

Spread the word to family, friends and anyone you come into contact with. Remember being proactive can save you so much upset, time and effort in the future.

Make sure you watch what your kids are also putting online, they may make a mistake and give away too much information that you don’t want to be on the world-wide web forever.

Make the person understand that you want no contact contrary to above, I would simply send a message to them telling them “I do not want to be contacted by you any longer, please stop”. Then do not make any further contact even if they continue.

If you know the person just remove them from your profiles and accounts simple but affective.

Where can I get support, help and guidance?

First and foremost, document everything you need evidence to support what you are actually saying. This will help the Police and other agencies access and act in a timely fashion.

Contact the Police, don’t think you are a burden the Police are there to help!

Visit Stalking Helpline online or contact them via telephone 0808 802 0300 open weekdays (If you are in any form of danger contact the Police Immediately). 

Opening times are 09.30 hours – 16.00 hours except Wednesday 13.00 – 16.00 hours.

              Don’t put it off if you are experiencing Cyberstalking or Stalking in general, they are here to help.

Get in touch with Facebook help or Twitter Help Centre’s, or whichever social media you use because they are well equipped to stop any form of contact.

Should these people be allowed to get away with Cyberstalking for their own personal gratification?, well no they shouldn’t, and we need to protect ourselves more each day the internet grows.

 If you have any personal thoughts on ways to combat Cyberstalking then please get in touch and comment, these subjects are useful to some people and any help and advice is better than nothing at all. Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

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    • says

      I feel the same at times, but we do this because we enjoy putting information out there hopefully for others to read, why should we stop? I am attempting to make these topics accessible for everyone. The internet is a fun place and it should be enjoyed, hopefully the minority who do use the internet for personal gain or satisfaction will find it far more difficult to ascertain this information. Thank you for commenting Rachel

  1. Anna-Marie Donnelly says

    Great article! Cyberstalking isn’t just done by strangers either. Ex-friends / partners can also make your life a misery. I have been through this myself and it is a nightmare. It’s all about being two steps ahead of these people, always be on guard!

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