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What are eBay Collections?

eBay Collections are an exciting and new way to share your very own personal favourite items straight out of eBay itself. This feature is new and exciting and you may very well feel yourself adding pictures to your collections in a similar fashion to Pinterest.
The aim is to share your very own unique collections and if people like them enough they will follow you. The new Collections feature also allows you to make as many collections as you like, I have plenty of them already take a look at my collections.

So I am guessing you like what you see, you can have lots of various collections that express your personality. Could this help you find like minded people as you all go on a journey together creating, engaging and exposing your personal style.

How do I use eBay Collections?

All you have to do is simply log into your eBay account and begin to create your collections.

1. Simply search for an item that has not ended.

2.Click on the item.

3.Look to the right for the Bid Box (The Grey One).

4. Underneath the Buy button you will see Add to Collection.

5. A Box will appear and very much like Pinterest allow you to create a new collection or add to an old one, use a unique name for the new collections to attract more followers.

6. To then view your eBay collections, go to My eBay top right.

7. Look in the drop down menu and find My Collections.

That’s it now you should see your very first collection, don’t stop there keep going the more unique collections you have the more followers you could gain.
We have been using this for a little while now and we are hooked on this great way of expressing what products and pictures really interest us.

Why do eBay Collections, interest us so much?

Well I have managed to come up with some lovely collections, this really does encourage you to find new and old items and you can seriously lose yourself in the vast ranges of products that are out there. The funny thing is when me and my husband create our own collections you can really tell how our personal style changes. This is great because It has helped me understand why he likes to buy quirky and exciting things, unlike myself I prefer the designer makes. We both do agree on retro collections and we go through ebay to find collectable items that we both remember from when we were growing up.


My First Collections

The first 12 Collections we have created are extremley varied but they show our personality off perfectly, from Movie memorabilia,  designer watch collections tGaming collections with the titles we really love to play. These take no time at all to create but the great thing about having your own eBay collection is, when your partner returns home you can show them all the gifts you would like.

I mean how can they forget, if you have a “Gift I would Like” Collection for all to see, I haven’t created this yet but It will soon be added to my collections.

My Favourite Collection

I have to admit that my very favourite collection at this time is my Ladies shoes collection, this is because I love shoes like many other ladies out there. I love to look back and check what new and latest trending shoes are available on eBay. We all know you can pick up some amazing bargains on eBay and the Ladies shoes are no exception.

Guys and Girls don’t let me keep you any longer head on over to eBay to start creating your collections now.

Disclaimer: Sponsored Post: In Partnership with eBay All thoughts, views and opinions are my own.

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ebay collections
Find out why ebay collections are so unique and amazing you can make your own collections and have like minded people follow your top ebay picks. This article includes a guide to starting your first collection.

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