Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Eurogamer expo family experience

We arrived at Earls Court in London after a long journey, I was not sure what to expect from the Eurogamer event itself; all I know is that we had all been discussing every game possible on the way.

My kids and husband were extremely excited to get their hands on the latest titles and consoles the gaming industry had to offer.Events like these are great because you get the chance to see what the hype is all about ,and I must say Eurogamer and the vendors at the exhibition did not let us down.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Chilling out in the press area!

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Above the boys pictured discussing what they want to play next.

We all have such different interests in our home but we really did manage to get a feel for a whole lot of games from independent developers all the way to the likes of Ubisoft, DICE,Nintendo,EA,Konami and Microsoft.

Not only that! but we had a chance to play games on the latest consoles Xbox One and PS4, this as you can imagine exited all of us.

Nintendo Zone at Eurogamer

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Jake playing the Wii U with a great Nintendo staff member!

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.


Wow this area was brilliant and such great fun, Nintendo have so many unique characters which instantly touch all age groups,they have such a brilliant approach to gaming in my eyes because it has such a wide range of games which everyone can play either solo or as a Family.The area itself was great and every time you played a game one of the staff would stamp a Nintendo card, once you had two stamps you got the chance to spin a wheel which had loads of free Nintendo products to win, the arrow would stop on a prize and you walked away with something every single time. We came home with loads of different things including a Sonic the hedgehog wearable spikes and a Pikmin teddy, you could also win stickers and badges. The staff in Nintendo zone stayed with you whilst you played the games and although they must have been stood there all day they still had plenty of time to talk to you and assist whilst being friendly, knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic.

If standing had got too much to bear you could also grab a bean bag in the ‘Street Party’ area and relax and play on your DS and 3DS consoles against other gamers and members of the Nintendo team, here you had the chance to win prizes too. You could also take part in gaming events whilst the Nintendo staff commentated rather excitedly.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

I have always be a donkey Kong fan!

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Mario and Luigi

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Games we had chance to play in Nintendo Zone were Super Mario 3D World, Pokemon X and Y, Zelda The Wind Waker HD,Zelda A Link between worlds, Coaster Crazy Deluxe  Donkey Kong Country:Tropical Freeze, Sonic:Lost World. These are to name but a few of the major titles Nintendo showcased crossing all gaming platforms from Nintendo handhelds all the way to the WII U.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Minecraft Tournament

This was another one of our children s favorite area’s at Eurogamer, they had the chance to play the game and compete against some quite famous Youtubers.Furthermore if you managed to win your games and become a victor you won some really great prizes. The Minecraft game continues to evolve and yet keep the same feel as it did from day one, my kids have always played this and they were so excited to get stuck in and try to win, unfortunately there were some great players at Eurogamer and they didn’t managed to get a prize but I could see they loved every minute of it.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.


Just Dance 4 Zone

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Just dance 4 by Ubisoft was brilliant, the ubisoft team had set up a large trailer with a great big screen inside. The music was blaring out some of the latest chart hits and I we managed to work up a sweat dancing on a couple of occasions. Literally everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves and the best thing about this particular game is that your whole family can get involved at the same time. You would see many mums and dads taking on their children and its so funny to watch because you could see how competitive the fathers became when dancing, this stand did make me chuckle on several occasions.

FIFA 2014

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

FIFA 2014 by Electronic Arts did a great job, the ques didn’t take that long at all and we played a few times on this game. FIFA is a timeless classic and by changing to classic controller mode you can pick up where you left off in Fifa 2013, I lost as per usual to my eldest who beat me pretty much every time. The fact that even though I lose fairly often on this game and I keep coming back for more shows why this game is so good (I do want to win one day hopefully). I did think the graphics were much more crisp and plenty more detail has been added to the stadiums and crowds.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Call of Duty: Ghosts was another eagerly awaited game in our house, we got to play this on the Xbox one, the game is fast paced and has plenty of hiding area’s in the maps for you to take down your opponents. The opponents come at you thick and fast and the multi-player experience is phenomenal, the game itself is totally different from Battlefield 4, the graphics are equally as slick but the pace is far quicker. I have always struggled with the speed of the game but to be honest I found myself wanting to head back to have another go of this awesome title. Just for the record I did lose on this game too my son won the round and pretty much destroyed me, along with all the others that came above me as well. This area was really well organised and the staff continued to fill the seats so the wait times were not as long.

Over 18 Zone at Eurogamer

The over 18′s Zone not for the faint hearted.

Battlefield 4

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

One of the most anticipated games of 2013 was showcased at the event, literally ran to play this title experiencing a 64 Multiplayer player game  in obliteration mode it was carnage on the Xbox One. The queues were massive but so was the amount of spaces available for gamers to play this awesome title, you quickly got to have another go. The game has been super tweaked and the gameplay is strong, the in-game graphics are literally out of this world, totally immersing you in battle. The dynamic maps make you feel as though you are actually playing on a real battleground and we can’t wait until this game is officially released . Plus I love the word ‘Levolution’ which is what DICE have named they way the maps develop throughout the entire game, you can use the maps to your own advantage like shooting the lights out and turning on the infrared to take down your opponents in the dark.



 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

I could see why this title was in the over 18′s zone due to the level of violence in the game, but my god I had fun playing the demo and believe me I think anyone who plays this game will really enjoy the manga style graphics. You play the game as Yaibu who is a Cyborg warrior running around destroying zombies galore and I mean galore, the bosses are really well thought out and instantly pose a challenge.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Also included in the over 18′s zone at Eurogamer expo  Wolfenstein: The New Order ,Watchdogs theater and Assassins Creed: Black Flag, Dark Souls 2,Dead Rising 3, Dying Light,Payday and Titanfall.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

The over 18′s euro gamer zone was extremely well monitored and you had to provide Identification proving your age before you could actually enter the zone, so no fear of younger eyes seeing these games, which I thought was well thought out.

Retro Zone at Eurogamer

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Eurogamer had a large Retro Zone including all of your favourite consoles of the past, I really enjoyed this area it certainly was one of the more relaxed zones to be in throughout the entire time we were there. It’s great to be able to play all of your favorite titles that you may have forgotten over the years, however I always seem to find when playing a game you haven’t seen for a while really does make you happy. This Retro Arcade will always be popular amongst everyone because these games created a unique platform for the games we know and love today.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

PS4 Zone at Eurogamer

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

This area was packed with awesome games allowing you to play the ps4 and get a hands on feel before its release this year, Skylanders Swap Force was certainly one of the more anticipated games my youngest son wanted to play in this area. Excellent and friendly staff covered the area ready to answer all of your questions and you could pre-order the console prior to its release later this year. My kids are totally split on which console they would like and therefore I was unable to pre-order anything, the PS4 Zone really did a good job of showing you what was on offer… which is it to be PS4 or the Xbox One?

Games in the PS4 Zone at Eurogamer Include Doki Doki Universe,Hell Divers, Ratchet and Clank Nexus,Gran Turismo 6,Drive Club, Reso Gun,War Thunder, Octodad, and the over 18 section which was also in the PS4 Zone Included Killzone Shadow fall multiplayer, Warframe, Fifa 14 PS4 Version. More titles were available these were just some of my favourites from the Eurogamer Expo.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

The gameplay was slick and the resolution on the screen makes the detail exceptional, the characters retain the look and feel we love but with that little bit more of an edge. The obstacles you face interact beautifully and my son was almost drooling over the new characters with their new interchangeable characteristics.This game is certainly going to be on Jake’s christmas list and for the amount of fun and excitement he has already had from the earlier games I know this will continue and be well worth the purchase.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Skylanders swap force Screenshots

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Jake looking rather impressed at Skylanders Swap Force

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.


Check out this Video Filmed at Eurogamer giving you a look behind the scenes.


 XBOX ONE Zone at Eurogamer

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Xbox One Zone at Eurogamer was really fun, above the games the XBOX team seemed to know how to connect well, really well in fact with their gamers. The XBOX One stage was constantly packed with gamers whilst the Xbox team showcased plenty of games and gave away plenty of freebies and prizes. Again extremely friendly staff who were happy to answer all questions that were asked of them. Some of the free gifts were amazing and the show hosts who gave you the low down on the latest titles and features for Xbox had us laughing and screaming the whole way through. A few lucky people managed to get themselves an Xbox 360 to take away with them on the day, although they did have to do some silly yet amusing things like acting out being a sea-lion and dancing like a zombie.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Look how the Xbox one takes pride of place on the main Xbox stage.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Forza at Eurogamer brought their car for us all to check out!

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Xbox one consoles already set up…. Could not wait to have a go.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Xbox games to play on the day included: Forza, Dead Rising 3,Fable Anniversary,Fifa 14,Fifa 14 Xbox One,Zoo Tycoon Xbox One,Call of Duty:Ghosts Xbox One,Killer Instinct,Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One and many more.

Gaming Merchandise and Accessories

Turtle Beach,Razor and Alienware were all in attendance showing some of their latest products and gaming accessories to add power to your setups. This was great because we made a decision on some of the gifts the boys would love this year,getting hands on always helps.  This also showed how popular Eurogamer Expo is because all the top brands had their own personal stands which looked extremely impressive, one of which had its own DJ playing some great music keeping us really entertained.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

The Eurogamer Tournament Area

Again another great area for gamers to test their skills against one another on the stage, Gamers again have the chance to win some pretty amazing prizes and when you sit watching these events you have a tendency to get drawn into the whole atmosphere of the tournament.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Oculus Rift

Well this was extremely interesting the concept of the technology is to allow you to place a pair of goggles on your head and it immerses you inside the video game itself, will it work. Well I tried the oculus rift and WOW just WOW, gaming is changing at an alarming rate and the oculus rift will be taking us forward. When you look around 360 you are in the game it’s so difficult to put into words but this will take off I am sure, I had great fun on this. When you take the goggles off after being inside the game you do feel disorientated because you literally have been thrown into a new world.

Cosplay Zone at Eurogamer

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

It’s great to see what others are interested in and the amount of people who dress up as their personal favourite characters is brilliant. The level of detail which people put into their customs is outstanding and they should be extremely proud of themselves. The Cosplay stage had special talks on how people developed their designs and what ways the achieved the overall look and finish to their costumes. Also the great thing is that the gaming community get to see some of their gaming heroes brought to life all in one place. I love cos-play I just wish I had the same talent to design my own costume.

Check out this Eurogamer Cosplay Video

 What to Expect from Eurogamer

An amazing day out filled with all the games you could possibly want, the best thing is that there is something for the entire family at this event and I can see why this venue is so important to the gaming industry. You literally get to try out everything you could possibly want ranging from old school gaming all the way to the future of gaming, what more could you ask for from a day out. There was also a board gaming area that I have not mentioned because I didn’t have chance to attend,but if you can make sure you book more than one  day next year.

Here are some more pictures as if I hadn’t put enough already but I really want you all to see them, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to know what other games were like please ask.

Full list of games at Eurogamer this year

Batman:Arkham Origins, Beyond:Two Souls, The Bureau, Call of duty: Ghosts, Caribbean, Castlevania:Lord of shadow 2, The Crew, Defense Technica ,Democracy 3 , Doctor Kvorak, Dream, DriveClub , Droid Assault, Eador: Masters of the broken world,Elder Scrolls Online, Ethan: Meteor Hunter, Fifa 14, Final Fantasy XIII, Forza Motorsport 5, Foul Play , Frozen Endzone, Gran Turismo 6, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Infamous: Second Son, Infinite Crisis, Injustice:Gods among us, Bayonetta 2, Coaster Crazy Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Knytt Underground, Putty Squad, Pokemon X and Y, Q.U.B.E: Directors Cut , Scram Kitty and his buddy on rails, Tengami , The Legend of zelda: A Link Between Worlds and The Wind Waker HD, The Wonderful 101 , Just Dance 4 , Killer Instinct , Killzone: Shadow Fall , Kinect Sport Rivals , Knack , Lego Marvel Superheroes,Lightning Returns, Luftrauser , Might & Magic:Duel of champions , The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot , Montagues Mount, Need for speed rivals, PES 2014 , Prison Architect , Project Spark ,Ratchet and Clank , Redshirt , Rocksmith , The Room two , Ryse: Son of rome, Shadow Warrior , The Shield , The Sims 4 , Sir, You Are Being Hunted, The Chaos Engine, Stronghold: Crusader 2 , Surgeon Simulator 2013, Ultratron , Velocity 2X, Volume , War for the overworld , World of tanks.

Over 18′s Zone

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Battlefield 4 , Dark Souls II, Dead Rising 3, Dying Light , Payday 2, Titanfall, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z



 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

 Eurogamer expo the perfect gaming experience.

Take a look at this YouTube video 



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