Gregory clothing, a shirt tailored perfectly for my husband

Gregory clothing



 Gregory clothing tailored shirt perfect for my husband


When my younger sister announced her wedding, I had to start planning the outfits for my family and the look we all wanted to achieve.

Now as you can imagine I have been really stressing over my families outfits. My youngest son does not really do formal dress, and my eldest son has his own trendy look.

I had no clue what I wanted, did I want a fitted little number or something that maybe would not cling to lumps and bumps caused by my huge consumption of chocolate buttons!

The most difficult person surprisingly was my husband, as he is 6ft 2 and has played rugby for years. He struggles with achieving a good fit in tops so shopping for a really good fitting formal shirt is a nightmare. He is a bit of a gym bunny, and is there more than he is at home sometimes.This has a massive effect on how a shirt fits him, his collar size does not always match the rest of his physique.

gregory clothing

As he no longer wears a shirt and tie daily for work he is mainly seen in casual clothing and always in a baseball cap. Shopping for a shirt to make him look smart & sophisticated is like having a tooth pulled!

gregory clothing

You can tell he really doesn’t feel comfortable in shirts, they are either too tight on the arms or around the neck. When I purchase a top that is almost the right size, he finds something wrong with it.

I don’t think this is on purpose but it is truly difficult to get him to look sharp and feel comfortable at the same time.

I had been kindly offered a shirt by Gregory clothing, who design, super classy, super slick, custom fit shirts for men.

gregory clothing


I asked Mark if he would wear the shirt for the wedding, he immediately replied “If it fits me right, I will wear it for the wedding”.

So I began by measuring him up for the shirt that had been so kindly offered to us, desperately hoping I had taken down the correct measurements.

Gregory clothing are not your run of the mill custom shirt design company, these are highly classy garments, and simply look amazing.

I sent the measurements to the company, and so Gregory clothing began to produce our perfect shirt.

The first thing that struck me was, this is a very personal service, fast prompt and effective responses to all of our emails.


Now here was the fun part for me, I could log onto Facebook and  I could see my husbands shirt being designed. Regular updates and posting of the shirt in progress to the Gregory clothing Facebook site was amazing.

gregory clothing


gregory clothing


The shirt was despatched super fast and this was to make sure Mark had his perfect shirt for the big day.

When the shirt arrived I was impressed by the packaging  , Every shirt is packed into handmade packaging, the packaging is individually prepared with hand written information about your shirt, including,

  • Which collection the shirt comes from
  • Where the fabric is woven
  • Who made the shirt
  • The shirt number

gregory clothing

Such a quirky way to package and present the shirt.

The shirt that had been made was stunning, so much classier looking than the High street ones I had been looking at for Mark to try.

The fabric and cut of the shirt was exquisite , I especially loved the turned over cuffs with the slight peek of a contrasting fabric, this was going to look perfect with the cufflinks he wore on our wedding day.

When Mark came home from work it was time for me to see if I can actually measure a man for a shirt or if I had made a complete arse and he wouldn’t have a shirt for the wedding.

I don’t know why I was so shocked and surprised but the shirt fit perfectly, it was slim fit without being skinny and hugged him in all the right places.

On the day of the Wedding I can honestly say I have ever seen Mark look so dapper, not even on our own wedding day.

I felt so proud of him and to show him and his shirt off to friends and family.

Introducing Mark in the Gregory Clothing Shirt

 I was totally shocked when after the ceremony my Grandmother pulled me to one side to say just what a lovely and well made shirt Mark was wearing.I was shocked that people could just tell from looking that this was a made to measure shirt made from the finest quality fabric.

gregory clothing

She commented on the cut of the shirt and my grandmother knows a thing or two about fine clothing, She is from the days when Men looked like real men and were not often seen without a high quality Made to measure suit and shirt.

gregory clothing

I would like to Thank Gregory and his team for producing this Fine shirt and making my husband look very distinguished.

gregory clothing

Here is a little bit more information about Gregory Clothing and details of how you can also own a special one of a kind shirt made just for you.

About Gregory Clothing


gregory clothing

Gregory Clothing is the brainchild of Greg Robson, A pioneer and creative dynamo.  His mission is simple – to make the finest shirts available, anywhere in the world.

There clients are few but you will recognize them.  One or two are famous but all expect to stand out in the crowd.  They despise the run of the mill, hate the ordinary and abhor the bland.  They seek out the best, the unique and the distinctive.

All there shirts are hand-made, limited editions.  In essence, they are works of art.  They are tailored to order, each shirt distinctive, special and unique.

You will not find them in any stores, however Gregory clothing do supply direct to clients, worldwide.  They are worn by professional footballers and the odd film star but most of the clients are like you – discerning, bright, successful and living life to the full.

After ordering Your shirt will be tailored to order.  It takes a week to tailor then another week to deliver it to your door.

Gregory set up this label because they were fed up of paying a fortune for the same boring shirts produced in the same lowest-possible-cost factories in North Africa and the Far East.

A pledge was made – no uniforms, no compromise.  Only the best; the best look, the best British fabrics, the best British designs – all hand-made in Great Britain by British craftsmen. Gregory  wanted to create something different, something to be cherished, something to be proud of and a joy to wear.

Visit the Gregory clothing store  website

Check out Gregory Clothing Facebook Page

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.









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