Guilt trip Leaving the Boys Home Alone – Part 2 The trip

guilt trip

  Guilt trip Leaving the Boys Home Alone – Part 2 The trip

If I wasn’t feeling bad enough with the guilt trip of leaving the kids, I had one last task to complete before my trip was to begin.

A routine check up to our new Dental practice was planned, such a simple task in theory yet I didn’t plan on teenage hormones kicking in.

Everything I said was wrong or just wound him up the wrong way, even the sound of the dentists voice made him decide he hated his new dentist!

Some times you can handle teenage traumas but that day I wanted everything to be perfect so I could leave and enjoy myself for some guilt free grown up girlie time.I tried to keep my cool which just didn’t work and I ended up zipping my case up with tears dropping from my eyes like golf balls after a major mum moaning moment.

My friend arrived to collect me but I had one last thing to do and that was to tell my boys I loved them, and to make the peace with my son before I left.

I gave my hubby the big speech, make sure the boys are looked after, ring me if you need me and about a dozen more instructions before a quick kiss goodbye and I was good to go.

Like the gentleman he is 40% of the time he carried my far too big case for one night away to my friend’s car and my mummy duties were officially over for the next 24 hours.

After I yapped on about my life on and on to my poor friend for the whole journey, we arrived at the hotel next to the MEN Arena ready for our adventure.

After a fantastic day of shopping in Primark and Selfridges (oh how the other half-lives) and a wine fuelled lunch it was back to the hotel to attempt to make us look glam.

To cut a long story short we had a fantastic night at The Kings of Leon gig and had a really much-needed catch up backed up with lots of overpriced pear cider .

The come down begins

I was woken up the next morning at about 9 am, with my friend making a cup of tea and checking her phone only to tell me that my husband had updated his Facebook status to say he arrived home from work at 3.30 am and was back up at 6am for the school run.

Since I had left the house the day before I was very proud of the fact I had managed not to check up on them, not even once and now this.My husband is in the Police so it does happen that he works over but this was the last thing I needed especially as he was supposed to relieve my mum from babysitting duties at midnight, god I have made it sound like a scene from Cinderella.

We decided to head back that morning without breakfast and I didn’t even call home instead I thought I would surprise my hubby and son at sports day. I would feel less guilty about going away if I caught some of my son’s sports day and at least I could take over and let my husband and mum go home and get a rest.

I arrived at home  and dropped off my case and like any mum on a sunny day put a wash load in, strange priorities I know.I then jumped in the car and headed to school to surprise everyone.

A little bit of guilt then an enormous amount of guilt set in when I heard just what a nightmare their night and morning had been, you seriously couldn’t script what they told me.

Everything was going to plan well the plan I left anyway, the boys love having Nanna over as she is such a soft touch, anyway midnight came and no Mark home from work instead a phone call which shook my mum up as he started the call ” I have some bad news for you” well this coming from a Police officer is never good so you can imagine what was running through her mind.

He was ringing to let her know he wasn’t able to get back so she couldn’t go home as the boys would have been left home alone, my mum ended up waiting up untill 3.30am to let him in as he had no key .She had apparently been sat scared as she hates been at home or anywhere on her own at night .

My hubby said he had come in and she had made him a cup of tea and at 4 am my mum got some sleep laid on the top of my bed and my hubby still in his uniform and coat on the sofa, which isn’t that comfortable especially when you are 6 ft 2 inch tall.

Imagine how guilty I felt now as by 4 am I had been snoring my head off in a comfy bed for hours, I thought  what they were telling me couldn’t get any worse, was I wrong.To top things off on the very evening I had gone away my sister who is pregnant had been admitted to hospital with dehydration from severe morning sickness, she had lost over 2 stone in two weeks.

Her partner had taken her into hospital so my Father was left to look after my young niece and nephew, feed them, bath them, put them to bed ,get them ready for school and take them to two separate schools, apparently he managed it very well too!

Back to my house after only 2 hours sleep it was back up to start getting ready for sports day. My husband dropped my son at school after both my mum and he performed some tag team tactics to get my son ready as per my instructions.This involved one dampening his mad hair at the same time as one was spraying sun tan lotion onto his fair skin.

After a quick attempt at putting a packed lunch together my hubby got our son off to school and my mum to her house for a quick clothes changed before they were at their final destination together with my eldest son, sat on the field at school waiting for sports day.

This is where I found them, match sticks holding open their eyes and looking as if they needed to sleep on the field not sat up spectating

I have never seen anyone look so pleased to see me home and they didn’t need asking twice when I told them i would take over, one minute there was four spectators then only one… me.

Jake was so pleased I had turned up to watch him in his sports day if not only to complain about dads rubbish packed lunch and make me run the mums race which I came last in, so embarrassing and I am not using this as an excuse but I did have a bit of a hangover.To be honest I would have probably have come last even if I was on water all night.

I don’t want this to put anyone off having a trip of their own in the future as I had great fun but for this mum there’s no place like home where I can stay guilt free,if this has taught me only one lesson it is a man really can not do a mums job well not this man anyway.

Watch this space for more stories of guilt trips in the future,as I am sure they will be plenty!

guilt trip mummy

My husband,love you though…at least you try…oys-home-alone/ ‎

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  1. says

    I think it is hard to prepare to leave your family no matter their age and for any reason! Hope your sister is feeling better!

  2. hirsty19784 says

    Ha i know girls the funny thing is my husband has also laughed at these post’s and thinks it all totally true… I still bet he won’t change but hey that’s my family. Thank you for the comments

  3. Alaina Bullock says

    I bet I would feel the exact same way! But, even mom’s deserve a break, so I am glad you went!

  4. says

    I would feel the same way but mom’s need a break and if they show they are responsible then I would only feel half guilty lol

  5. says

    My girls are 16 (17 in September) and 10 and I STILL feel guilty when my husband and I go do something on our own. AND I have never taken advantage of or used by oldest as a built in babysitter, I really have no reason to feel guilty, but I do haha

  6. says

    Hug you tight….I hope you will all make it through this trying times. our family was just recently reunited after six months of living apart due to work reasons. it was so hard…

  7. says

    Ah, but you’re lucky, my husband would never, ever do dad duty like that for a girl’s night. Never. Ever. Ever. Did I say ‘ever?’ :)

    Visiting you today from Friday Chaos. Glad you have a fabulous time, and everyone’s happy and healthy today, that’s what matters> :)

    • hirsty19784 says

      Ha ha brilliant, you really made me laugh then. Oh i am sure he can’t be that bad i would love to hear any of your experiences. Thank you for commenting Rachel x.

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