My Money Supermarket’s Home Improvement Hero entry?

home improvement hero

My Money Supermarket’s Home Improvement Hero entry

I don’t know about you but I like my home very quirky with unique ideas, my husband gets real enjoyment making unique features for our home. I would say he is my home improvement hero that is for sure, I asked him over the last 2 weeks or so to come up with some quick and quirky ideas that will go with our front room. I told him we are only allowed to spend £50, he was really up for this challenge as you can imagine.

He asked me for a list of things I would like for our home improvement hero entry, I replied “YOU DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS GOING TO MAKE OUR HOUSE LOOK EVEN MORE QUIRKY”.  Now since the recession has hit most homes across the country I am a great believer in doing unique things to our home, the main aim is to have lost cost and affordable decor.

We have always had an idea of using a IKEA picture from to turn into a lovely picture that represents us as a family. My husband decided to set about the task and came up with the idea of a scrabble board mounted within side the frame. I already had the scrabble board from when I was younger and I did not want to ruin it. The board fits inside of the frame perfectly and instead of just gluing the letters on my husband used blue tack to create all of our names inside the frame. The best thing about this picture is that he has also place little LED lights inside the frame which are battery operated and they give the picture an amazing glow he is doing well so far at being a home improvement hero.

home improvement hero

The next thing he did was whilst at IKEA he purchased a black cushion, we headed on over to hobby craft and picked up some decorative jewels and he came up with this creation. I have no idea but I love the skull look, I don’t believe in having the all over my home but a couple of subtle hints in my home is really nice I think. So after agreeing on an image Mark drew a skull on the pillow and meticulously placed each decorative gem following the pattern he had already drawn. He is not as keen on this but I really love it and the best thing is you can’t buy what you design yourself anywhere.

home improvement hero

Using another IKEA frame which cost hardly anything my husband made this using more of the scrabble letters from my old board game. This cost hardly anything and can be re used, again he used blue tack to put the letters on this.

home improvement hero

I love a bargain especially a quirky one, these two glass jars were purchased from a well-known retail store and cost me next to nothing but they really add to the unique design of my home.

home improvement hero

I enrolled my dads help for this because Mark is terrible at hanging wall paper, for someone who is creative he just doesn’t have the patience to do it. We found this lovely paper in JTF which is a store in Leeds based on Gelderd road. This was actually being sold off and i got a roll for £10. This has made my chimney breast feature look just like an old stone, I truly love this and it really bring my home together. Before this I had a deep purple which was really nice but nowhere near as good as this is, well in my opinion.

Instead of the candle which used to sit inside the chimney breast, we positioned some wood which we usually have for the garden fire pit.

home improvement hero

And finally we actually already had a moose head which we purchased from Hobby craft last year, this was supposed to get done earlier but it was put to one side. Now I had the money to buy a decent silver spray and I got Mark to spray it up. Mark then added his own unique twist to it and found some very old music sheets from OXFAM in Morley. He then dipped the music sheets in PVA glue and wrapped it around keys parts of the cardboard moose head. I love this because I know it’s supposed to be up at Christmas time but I just love it a quirky feature in my home.

home improvement hero

Well that’s it, I hope you have liked what my husband has done with the £50, I would like to say thank you Money Supermarket, you have helped my afford to place glorious touches to my home and certainly improve it. I would like to attack my bedroom next and come up with some really brilliant and unique ideas. This would truly help me relax, if anyone would like any help making any of the above ideas or would like to see anymore that my husband has stored in his mind let me know and I will be happy to help.

So how did i achieve My Money Supermarket’s Home Improvement Hero entry just see below


The picture: This cost  £8 for the RIBBA frame from Ikea, Blue tack 75p ASDA, and the lights cost £2 from B&M

The Cushion: This cost £6 from IKEA for the cover and the insert was £5, and the Gems were purchased from Hobby craft for £3, In addition to this I had to purchase jewellery glue from Ebay which cost £2.85 and some fabric chalk £1 Leeds market.

The Jars cost: £2.99 each from B&M

Wallpaper cost: £10 from JTF which is in Leeds.

Moose head: Silver spray paint £4.99 The range and PVC glue £2 again from the Range.


A little over budget but I can live with that for all of the lovely additions to my home.


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    • says

      Thank you for your kind comment, I am sure you could do this quite easily with the your lovely family names. The scrabble picture has become something most people love when they enter our front room. You should definitely do it, I truly would love to see the results. If you need any help please just ask.

  1. Sarah Bailey says

    Wow looks amazing I LOVE your deer head I’m so tempted to get one for myself are they hard to hang or is just a picture hook type hanging? xx

    • says

      You get the deer head from Hobby Craft, You can easily hang these because it’s only made of cardboard. It does have a very authentic look when you cover it in silver and music paper. I got mine from a charity shop just look around i am sure you could find some sheet music very easily. Thanks and if you need any help just ask. Rachel x

  2. says

    Good examples for that home improvement is not only about bringing down walls and replacing the counter tops. The whole idea about remodeling home is to feel a change, bring more homey feeling etc. Sometimes all it needs is creative ideas such as yours.


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