A Mothers memories amongst the Mayhem

                                          Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem


Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem


Well this weekend I have had to abandon my blog and anything that resembled resting as we had the decorators in!

My son has the whole of the loft as his ‘bachelor pad’ and lately it had become a complete dumping ground, I had let it go for a while as he had enough stress with revision and exams.

Now the exams are over the kid gloves are off, Thursday saw both me and Lewis sifting and sorting through mounds of rubbish, magazines, boxes, clothes and anything else you can think of, for an exhausting 8 hours.

Friday (my husbands day off work) we spent sanding, scraping and removing all the electronic equipment, as life without his PC was unbearable Lewis moved to my mums with his massive PC unit and monitor. Jake followed too and we packed up his Wii U and with the car boot looking as if we were off on our holidays off to mums we went.

Later that night my very, very kind Brother-in-Law who is a painter and decorator painted the whole room, I felt really bad as he had come to my house straight from working all day.

Today has involved me scraping paint from the floor, scrubbing floors, shining, positioning and my husband was found feet up on the sofa with the lap top on his knee, charming!

The room looks so much bigger than before, you can actually walk around the room without tripping up over something, I am so pleased with the result, better still Lewis loves it.

Whilst I was throwing out all the rubbish something made me stop when I was just about to put an old and tatty Pokemon writing pad in the bin.

Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem

 I had a quick glance through and came across drawings and writing from when my son was between 4 and 5 years old.If you have read my other post about my son you will have seen he is now a strapping 16-year-old young man ready for college.

In the same month I was reading his GCSE results I was also reading his first attempts at writing.

Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem

I remember the Biff, Chip and Kipper books from school like it was yesterday, I don’t know if school’s have moved on now from these series but for me and my boys we remember them well.

I always remember everyone Lewis drew a picture of looked like a potato with legs!

Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem

Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem

Just as he has left school I find a picture we did together about starting school!

Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem

Seeing this one again really tugged at my heartstrings, It is unbelievable how fast they grow up, I know everyone says that but it really is the truth!

Mothers Memories amongst the Mayhem

Do you still have any of your children’s first drawings, or do your little ones pictures & stories accidentally fall off the fridge into the bin?

Is it anyone’s son’s or daughter’s first day at school next week?

I would love to hear from anyone with first day at School stories.

Rachel at Umeandthekids

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  1. says

    Aww, that’s so lovely to read. Dex is only 9 months so no stories to tell yet really, but he goes to a Baby and Toddler group and for Mother’s Day the staff did some artsy things with the babies and toddlers and my husband brought home a lovely Mothers Day art piece that had my Dex’s footprints on and the month, year and how old he was so I wouldn’t forget. I thought that was so lovely! It’s attached to the fridge and has been since he brought it home. 😀

  2. says

    Aww what a lovely thing to come across!!
    I have a few boxes full of drawings and writings from my two girls….Nursery paintings, school books, letters to Santa…lol I may be a bit of a horder but it’s lovely to look back on everything!!

  3. Linda McGarrigle says

    I am a bit of a hoarder so everywhere you look there are things the kids have done either at home or in school , much to mum in laws disapproval of course lol my wee boy is not so wee anymore he’s 15 now and will be taking his exams next yr, seems like not so long ago he was just a baby and over the years i have built up quite a collection now my middle child 5 has started school i really am wondering where i am going to put all these little bits n bobs, my youngest starts school next yr too if i am not careful memento’s will take over lol

  4. says

    I know what you mean! They grow up so fast you just can’t believe it! Every now and then I look at an old photo or paper from school. It really does pull at the heartstrings!

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