Stylish can change your web experience easy using a Chrome and Firefox Add-on

Stylish: A Chrome and Firefox Add-on

I found the stylish browser extension a week ago and I love it, So I thought I would share this tutorial with you so you too can change your web experience easily.

What is “Stylish”?

Style the web with Stylish, a user styles manager. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, and many, many other sites. You can even customize Firefox and other programs themselves.

Here is my tutorial: Using Stylish with Google Chrome

Below is an example of me changing my twitter site background and transparency to make it look a bit more funky.

Step 1.Head on over to the  links below to download the Stylish add-on.

Chrome version

Firefox version

Once you have installed the extension please follow the below tutorial.

Step 2. Visit Facebook, twitter or even your WordPress dashboard. Below is an example of me changing my twitter site background to make it look a bit more funky.

stylish tutorial

This is my twitter account.


Step 3. Then go to the top right hand corner of your web browser and find the stylish icon, you will see something similar to the below.

stylish tutorial

Step 4. Click the above Icon at the top of your browser.

stylish tutorial

Step 4. Once this has been clicked the above drop down menu will appear, Just click find more styles for the site and let stylish take you to them.

Step 5. You will be greeted with the below screen with lots and lots of different themes to pick from.

stylish tutorial


Step 6. Find your theme and click on the theme you require and Stylish will take you to the following install screen.

stylish tutorial


Step 7. Hit install and that’s it

You can view your twitter webpage and see how it looks now! This is only visible in this way to you but it makes things look so much better and makes a more enjoyable web experience.

It’s also worth noting that this does not change any code or functions on your blog or website.

Below is a screen shot with the theme installed into my browser, again this does not affect anything on the webpage just the way I personally view them.

stylish tutorial

As you can see the applied style has been implemented into my twitter, now you see what stylish style I love to use. This can really make Facebook look gorgeous too.

There are templates for lots of websites so it’s really worth clicking the Stylish button, just to check  what other sites you can make look awesome.

All I can say is, if I can do it you can too, I thought I would share this tutorial with you all.  I have used this extension for my WordPress dashboard too, I made it darker so it’s easier to read.

I love the stylish extension, If you would like any further help check out this tutorial video

How To Fix Small Annoyances On The Web With Stylish [Firefox & Chrome]

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