Win a Copy of the LOGO Billionaire Game

New Year Competition

Win a copy of LOGO Billionaire


 Win a Copy of the LOGO Billionaire Game


It’s the battle of the UK’s big brands!  Can you fly high, crush the competition and become the first


Fresh from the creators of the much loved LOGO series comes the ingenious new LOGO Billionaire (rrp £24.99, age 8 to adultfrom Drumond Park – a uniquely cunning board game of risky business that’s guaranteed to bring out the budding entrepreneur in anyone.

Enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below before the 11th January 2014

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  1. Monopoly
    Erica recently posted…The LeapFrog LeapReaderMy Profile

  2. Ashleigh Allan says:


  3. Mousetrap – old skool!
    Alexandra Mercer recently posted…What We Wore on Wednesday {18.12.2013}My Profile

  4. Pay Day board game

  5. suan watts says:


  6. Michelle Best says:


  7. Paul Bennett says:


  8. Trivial pursuit

  9. Monopoly!

  10. I like chess even though I am rubbish at it!

  11. We like Monopoly

  12. jennifer thorpe says:


  13. Kim Neville says:


  14. Monopoly

  15. laura jayne bates says:


  16. The Logo Game.

  17. Amanda Hart says:


  18. Payday!

  19. Carol Peace says:

    Monopoly is good. I play loads of unusual ones with the grandchildren too so I am always on the lookout. The latest is Disney trivial pursuit.

  20. melanie stirling says:


  21. Lynne McEvoy says:


  22. scrabble

  23. stephanie campbell says:

    we love kerplunk in our house

  24. katrina day-reilly says:


  25. We all love monopoly.

  26. The Game of Life

  27. I do always love a game of Monopoly or Cluedo :-)
    Helen recently posted…Christmas Crafts!My Profile

  28. maureen quinnell says:

    Love a bit of monopoly

  29. Tammy Tudor says:

    it has to be the classic Monopoly

  30. julie laing says:

    The Game of Life

  31. abigail edkins says:


  32. christine shelley says:


  33. Mickie Bull says:


  34. Monopoly
    Helen Dickinson recently posted…Christmas Eve Box For A ToddlerMy Profile

  35. Danielle woodman says:

    I love rapidough

  36. debbie creasey says:

    Battle of the sexes

  37. Janet Dring says:


  38. Kimberley Stone says:


  39. Louise mcNicol says:


  40. Amy Ripley says:


  41. Julie Davies says:


  42. Monopoly

  43. kayleigh white says:

    The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly that I bought from America!

  44. The original Logo game! It’s become a bit hit in our house!
    Sammie Hodges recently posted…2013 end of year review.My Profile

  45. I love playing monopoly. I begged everyone this Christmas to play but noone has the patience for it. I love getting out the board games when we get the family together so this would be great!!

    Niki xx
    Nicola Parkinson recently posted…Christmas socks tagMy Profile

  46. jenny morgan says:


  47. Hannah ONeill says:


  48. Allan Smith says:


  49. michelle bennett says:

    Always monopoly

  50. Paula Barker says:


  51. helen cruse says:

    Scrabble….. these evolve in to massive games in this house

  52. clair downham says:


  53. michele omalley says:

    Monopoly is a great family game

  54. Julie Ward says:

    Don’t laugh

  55. Emma Nixon says:


  56. Cluedo

  57. laura stewart says:

    snakes and ladders

  58. alison johnson says:

    scrabble x

  59. monopoly

  60. Snakes And Ladders

  61. Monopoly

  62. Jayne Kelsall says:


  63. Angie McDonald says:

    Definitely has to be Frustration :)

  64. Zoe Roxby says:


  65. olivia kirby says:

    LOGO Who Am I

  66. karen cowley says:

    Has to be Monopoly , a classic, thanks for the chance to win this x

  67. Sarah Walford says:


  68. Louise Hutchings says:
  69. Hazel Rea says:

    Settlers of Catan – brilliant game.

  70. Rachel Craig says:


  71. Clifford Sherwood says:

    Monopoly for me. Can’t beat the old ones

  72. Ruth Harwood says:

    I love love love Cluedo :D

  73. Deborah Worrall says:

    We love playing Monopoly

  74. Catherine McAlinden says:


  75. Deborah Worrall says:
  76. Deborah Worrall says:
  77. lauren tourle says:

    we love monopoly and the big bang theory game :)

  78. Kate ONeill says:


  79. Monopoly

  80. Scott Fallon says:


  81. amanda davis says:


  82. The game of life

  83. claire woods says:


  84. Monopoly. However, i am always the iron, and in Monopoly the iron has NEVER won….

  85. Spencer Broadley says:

    Scrabble and Cluedo

  86. TRACEY HUBER says:

    KERPLUNK playing with my little grandsons

  87. Lisa Smith says:

    Monopoly Empire.

  88. Andrew Stewart says:

    The logo game

  89. Dorota Amellal says:


  90. Articulate

  91. Monopoly. I love it! :)
    Laura Randall recently posted…Happy Christmas!My Profile

  92. Fiona Leivers-Fossett says:

    monopoly or chess

  93. claire eadie says:

    Cluedo :)

  94. Laura Finch says:

    Game of Life xx

  95. zoe lucas says:

    we love monopoly or pig goes pop :D

  96. Michelle Hughes says:

    Mouse Trap :)

  97. Jill Mann says:


  98. alison berry says:

    Monopoly junior

  99. Sarah Ridgeway says:

    Trivial Pursuit especially the family edition which I bought my daughter for Christmas, because it has adult and kid questions.

  100. Disney trivial pursuit

  101. Amanda Olley says:


  102. Lynn heath says:


  103. Laura Pritchard says:

    Cranium & Heroquest

  104. nicola hardman says:

    Trivial pursuit

  105. Deborah Hambleton says:


  106. Jakki Bradshaw says:


  107. Robby Price says:


  108. Monopoly

  109. Liz ferguson says:


  110. Game of life :)

  111. zoe matthewman says:


  112. caroline tonge says:

    We really like scene it, especially the disney one.

  113. Sheila Reeves says:

    Balderdash – can get some great answers with this

  114. Allan Wilson says:


  115. Ruth Davies says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  116. cheryl lovell says:

    Cluedo :)

  117. katie Kathurima says:


  118. Christopher Read says:


  119. rebecca nisbet says:

    love monopoly

  120. Angela Sandhu says:


  121. Monopoly

  122. Pictionary
    vicky M recently posted…ResolutionsMy Profile


    Snakes and Ladders

  124. Lisa Sands says:

    Monopoly & Junior Scrabble (with the kids) x

  125. Tracey morton says:


  126. leanne williams says:


  127. Pam Gregory says:

    I love Risk

  128. gemma clark says:

    we love cranium!

  129. Donna Gilligan says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  130. Rey Chunara says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  131. Natalie Gillham says:

    I like draughts

  132. Becky Shorting says:

    game of life

  133. becca staples says:

    Cluedo x

  134. SARAH JONES says:

    cleudo x

  135. Joanne Benham says:

    monopoly x

  136. susan moore says:

    we have a game called Spite which is a great family relationship

  137. tracey gibbons says:

    my favouite board game is pictureaka

  138. tobys proud mummy toys says:

    Absolutely love monopoly

  139. Daniel Stacey says:


  140. Cleudo

  141. Monopoly

  142. Hannah Lord says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Cluedo :)

  143. I love junior monopoly I’m not so good at the grown up version :(

  144. lowri earith says:


  145. Kat Glynn says:


  146. Monopoly

  147. Kirsty Woods says:


  148. totopoly

  149. Zoe Wilkinson says:

    game of Life or Rapidough are a favourite in our house

  150. Helen Talboys says:

    Trivial pursuit

  151. I love Settlers of Catan

  152. Trivial Pursuit

  153. cluedo

  154. donna clinton says:

    Monopoly,i love playing it with the kids

  155. I love most board games but Monopoly is a favourite and years ago I remember playing Risk……. would love to try this one though

  156. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    Love Logo Best of British :)

  157. Ruth Longville says:

    Game of Life

  158. Jennifer Rhymer says:
  159. Articulate is always fun!
    Emily Knight recently posted…Bristol Food Connections: a groundbreaking, citywide food festival for May 2014My Profile

  160. Hayley Todd says:

    Our favourite at the moment is Monopoly Empire

  161. sherri mse fordham says:

    snakes and ladders lol

  162. Sheila Reeves says:

    Commented on Review:Dimplex Neon Heater and Air Purifier

  163. Neil Robertson says:

    Use to love the board game, Game of Life

  164. LEAH SULLIVAN says:


  165. Richard Turner says:


  166. Kirsty Sparks says:


  167. Patricia Edwards says:


  168. elaine stokes says:


  169. Patricia Walker says:

    my favourite is a game called SPLAT! It’s hilarious fun for all the family!

  170. Gemma Snell says:


  171. Clare Hubbard says:

    I love monopoly

  172. I love Cluedo!

  173. I love Ludo :D

  174. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Pictionary :)

  175. Lucy Carter says:

    I like scrabble

  176. julie baxter says:

    Monopoly :)

  177. Natalie Henderson says:


  178. Garry Christopher Leask says:


  179. claire wilkinson says:

    we are loving frustration at the moment

  180. Siobhan Dignam says:

    Cluedo and Boggle

  181. emma agutter says:

    Love Family Fortunes board game

  182. Caroline Anne Bellamy says:

    trivial persuit

  183. jodie harvey says:

    monopoly :)

  184. Sheri Darby says:


  185. hannah jordan says:

    monopoly x

  186. Keelyann Chauntry says:

    Monopoly :) x

  187. Naomi Buchan says:

    Cluedo x

  188. Jane Middleton says:


  189. catriona nation says:


  190. Favorite family game has to be Monopoly ! Thanks for the giveaway

  191. Kerry Kilmister says:

    I am very competitive when it comes to Scrabble

  192. Natalie Crossan says:

    Kerplunk :D

  193. Helen Garner says:

    Trivial Pursuit

  194. Joanne Welsh says:

    Monopoly has always been my fave

  195. Gillian Hutchison says:

    Snakes and ladders

  196. Trivial Persuit :)

  197. Monopoly

  198. david bernie says:


  199. caroline tokes says:

    the game of life

  200. We love rubixs race and scrabble :)

  201. Katie Gould says:

    snakes and ladders

  202. Adele Hill says:

    The Logo Game.

  203. Jacqueline Roberts says:
  204. Heidi Brown says:


  205. Diana Semionova says:

    Monopoly :)

  206. gotta be Monopoly, everyone’s favourite!

  207. Kate Sabin-Burns says:

    monopoly :)

  208. Tressa Herriott says:


  209. Bohdan Kuczynski says:


  210. Ruth Manton says:

    The Game of Life!

  211. laura avery says:

    Snakes and ladders as a family..for me scrabble

  212. Susan Joyce Rogers says:

    Longest lasting is still Monopoly

  213. Adrian Clarke says:

    Ludo! Always ended in tears! lol

  214. sarah stevens says:

    guess who

  215. It’s got to be Monopoly.

  216. Samantha R says:


  217. Michelle Kitchen says:


  218. Sarah Pybus says:

    Game of Life

  219. The Game of Life

  220. Helen Craigs says:

    My favourite has to be Monopoly, I’ve been playing it for about 45 years!!

  221. Monopoly

  222. Pauline Burroughs says:


  223. Hazel Christopher says:

    Frustration :-)

  224. Karen Usher says:


  225. dena thomas says:

    pay day- I used to play it for hours with my sister

  226. Monopoly
    Louise Perry Fairweather recently posted…KOR GEOMAG TAZOO ReviewMy Profile

  227. Jill fairbank says:


  228. Monopoly

  229. Angela Williams says:


  230. Kingmaker
    Sam @happyhomebird recently posted…A Quick Dart up the Garden and BackMy Profile

  231. Monopoly

  232. Diana Croos says:


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