Win a pair of Classic BassBuds Headphones


Win a pair of Classic BassBuds Headphones


Plus the chance to win a BassBoomz speaker


Win a pair of Classic BassBuds Headphones….. Plus a chance to win a Bass Boomz speaker

                                                       I have reviewed Bass Buds Headphones in the past, Not only do they look fantastic, styled with Swarovski Crystals but they sound amazing too!
The Bass Buds Headphones have an Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology which provides impressive crystal clear sound and a crisp, balanced treble and deep bass sound with the added benefit of a noise cancelling feature so that you can immerse yourself in music without external noise interfering.
BassBuds have added another fantastic colour of earphones to their already extensive range of headphones, with the addition of the luxurious limited edition Gold Plated headphones.

What you can Win

To celebrate the Gold addition to their range of headphones BassBuds are offering the chance to win a pair of BassBuds headphones worth £39.95 from the Classic Collection (pictured above)
 To take part all you need to do is simply play a very easy and straightforward game (link below).
As a super bonus the player who stays alive the longest will receive a pair of classic Bassbuds as well as a BassBoomz (Pictured below).

Get ready to play for a chance to be a winner of these fantastic prizes



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  1. Paul T says

    I got to the top of the leaderboard on this game with a score of around 750 but that appears to have been removed. Seems rather unfair!

  2. Edward Guerreiro says

    I’m not sure if you still check this post, but if you do, I was just wondering if the competition is now officially over. I was number 4 on the leader board at midnight on 07/04/2014, which is when the competition is supposed to end according to the above post by you.

    Today, I checked the scores, and I seems the game has been updated, and the scores reset. It also seems a little more valid now, as when you score a certain amount, the email you receive actually contains a discount code, unlike before.

    Could it be that it was only a test run until the 7th, and the real competition starts now?

    Anyway, if you have a chance to respond, thank you in advance.


    I like the look and sound of these. The shape is good, as I can’t wear the other, rounder, shaped ones; they hurt. Thanks for the review.

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