#Win Rare #Lego promo figure and CHIMA Crominus Lego set

lego set

 Win Rare Lego promo figure and Crominus Lego set

I have been collecting Lego for such a long predominantly for the kids (Well, that’s what I tell everyone).

I was lucky enough to secure an additional promo Lego Figure Winzar from the Legends of CHIMA sets.


This was collected from the Leeds Lego Store to celebrate the grand opening, these went to the first 500 through the main doors.

I have decided to give this wonderful figure away along with 1 Lego set from the Legends of CHIMA which is pictured below!


Both are totally collectable and I am sure there are enough Lego fans out there who would love to have these rare additions to your collections.

So Just to confirm the Lucky Winner will win both of the above 1 of Each.

This is going to be a Rafflecopter entry open to both the UK and the USA.

End Date 22nd April 2014 at Midnight.

All comments are moderated, so If you don’t see your comment straight away don’t worry I will approve them! Hence, you will be entered into the competition!

Please feel free to take a look around the blog and thank you so much for your entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. Edward Guerreiro says

    Probably the ‘Lego Technic Mobile Crane’ I had 15 years ago. They still sell something similar today, so it can’t just be me that loved it.

  2. EMMA WALTERS says

    my son is really impressed with the lego heros daily bugle showdown set, spent hours playing wth it :)

  3. brenda heads says

    I started buying lego with my pocket money when you could buy little boxes with the same size bricks in so did not buy any ‘boxed sets’ until my children started playing with ‘my’ lego. My son loves the lego city sets.

  4. Erica Price says

    We have a very large R2D2 set waiting in the loft till my son is a little bit older – can’t wait

  5. Spencer Broadley says

    My boys tell me the Cyberman set, but I used to love just being imaginative with bricks building roads and garages for my Matchbox cars

  6. Katherine Teff says

    My children aren’t old enough to have proper ‘sets’ yet, but my brother and I had a brilliant knights castle that we loved- probably similar to the Harry Potter stuff (which I hope will still be in fashion when mine are old enough to appreciate it!).

  7. Andrea Edge says

    Me and my daughter love Lego Friends but my partner who is a huge Lego fan loves anything lego he has a huge collection, Lego city, starwars, chima, ninjago the list goes on.

  8. dawn obrien says

    The Pirate Ship – searched everywhere for it and finally found it at the outlet store at glasshoughten – my son was delighted, but not as much as I was!

  9. christy beckett says

    I love playing with my boys traditional lego friends, we have hours of fun trying to build something that never looks quite how it does on the box

  10. Paula Harvey says

    I remember having a little pink Lego Cafe (similar to the Friends sets that are out now) it was ace!!

  11. Donna R says

    The original sets. We used to make houses/rockets/towers/cars etc anything our imaginations and amount of bricks we had
    would allow

  12. Lorna MacFadyen says

    I love the Pirates of the Caribbean! My 8 year old son built the boat all himself when he was just 6, I was very proud! x

  13. Kate Milton says

    I can’t remember what the set was called but when I was a child I had the little pirate set with the little brown boats and pirates with parrots on their shoulders and little shark figures and I just loved it!!

  14. rebecca nisbet says

    growing up i remember this big round bucket filled with lego, i was loads of random bits with the green and grey bases, i spent loads of weekend morning playing it, my 2 year old has just started to get into it now too

  15. Helen Humphries says

    I liked a Lego House set which sounds so lame. I also had a random Lego grandfather clock which fit in my dolls house so I liked that too.

  16. Fran H says

    Favourite set ever = the little knights castle from the 80s. Oh I was SO happy when I got that. Soooo happy!!

  17. lucy rose says

    The little boys love Lego City Fire Station .. also a big Lego box of mixed bricks, so they can use their imagination and create….

  18. Sarah Pilbeam says

    Back when I was about 9 I had a pirates and sailor set I still have it now and my daughter plays with it!

  19. John Mills says

    I can’t remember the name bur I was bought a set as a child in the late 1970’s in which you could build a helicopter, my favourite toy when a child!

  20. Gerri Tennant says

    The Lego Pirate Ship that kept my son amused for hours – it’s one of the reasons that he joined the Royal Marines and went to Somalia to protect shipping from Somalian pirates.

  21. Kim W says

    Hi am in the UK and wanted to enter this but sadly it’s closed already and it’s nowhere near midnight! Are you in the UK or USA? I see both can enter but there’s a time difference.

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