#Win a Promotional #Lego Movie Radio DJ Robot

Win a very rare Lego Movie Radio DJ Robot!


I only have one of these to give away, but you can’t get this little Radio DJ Robot in any of the mini figure packs.


The is purely a promotional one off item here in the UK, this was also available in the US for a short period of time, therefore this competition is also going to be open to the USA too.

The winner will be chosen 20th March 2014.

Please try to complete the Raflecopter entries below! Good luck everyone!

“We have one of these figures and Radio DJ Robot is truly a great addition to our collection and I am sure it will be in yours too.

Give a Dog a Home Competition

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Andy Kadir-Buxton says

    My son took me to see the movie
    We got the best of seats
    Superman was his favourite person
    He said he was kind of groovy.

  2. sian thomas says

    I loved this film! I saw it on Valentines day with my boyfriend, we thought we’d be the oldest there & were really surprised when we were the youngest!
    I loved Good Cop- thought he was hilarious!


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