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Radio DJ Robot was starred in the LEGO movie in February 2014. According to Brickipedia the character was composed from a total of four LEGO pieces. The minifigure is extremely collectible and was only given away as a promotional product for the release of the film.

The LEGO character has three exclusive parts, which are the head, Legs, hair/headphones.

  • Radio DJ Robot‘s head has been re-used from the popular Robo SWAT minifigures series.
  • DJ Robots legs are brown in colour with a small chain and a belt detailed on them.
  • The Shirt is blue in colour with a Red logo which details an outline of a LEGO brick and red wings. The shirt collar is also detailed in black.
  • The hair/headphones combination have actually been recoloured from the LEGO Minifigures Series 8 – DJ.

Radio DJ Robots displayed in Polybag


The LEGO Radio DJ Robot minifigure is highly collectable and a great kids toy which comes in a polybag. In the UK these robots were being given away at cinemas showing the film. In the USA you could only get your hands on Radio DJ Robot if you were a member of the AMC Theater and purchased a 3D Movie ticket. These were also given away when pre-ordering the LEGO movie video game at Walmart and Game in the UK.

I have found the Lego DJ Robot on sale here in the UK at Amazon and Ebay. Currently retailing at £11.99. Affiliate link above. These are 100% collectible and if you are a major LEGO fan I would highly recommend you purchase this Radio DJ Robot for your personal minifigures collections.

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  1. Andy Kadir-Buxton says

    My son took me to see the movie
    We got the best of seats
    Superman was his favourite person
    He said he was kind of groovy.

  2. sian thomas says

    I loved this film! I saw it on Valentines day with my boyfriend, we thought we’d be the oldest there & were really surprised when we were the youngest!
    I loved Good Cop- thought he was hilarious!


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