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Radio DJ Robot was starred in the LEGO movie in February 2014. According to Brickipedia the character was composed from a total of four LEGO pieces. The minifigure is extremely collectible and was only given away as a promotional product for the release of the film.

The LEGO character has three exclusive parts, which are the head, Legs, hair/headphones.

  • Radio DJ Robot‘s head has been re-used from the popular Robo SWAT minifigures series.
  • DJ Robots legs are brown in colour with a small chain and a belt detailed on them.
  • The Shirt is blue in colour with a Red logo which details an outline of a LEGO brick and red wings. The shirt collar is also detailed in black.
  • The hair/headphones combination have actually been recoloured from the LEGO Minifigures Series 8 – DJ.

Radio DJ Robots displayed in Polybag


The LEGO Radio DJ Robot minifigure is highly collectable and a great kids toy which comes in a polybag. In the UK these robots were being given away at cinemas showing the film. In the USA you could only get your hands on Radio DJ Robot if you were a member of the AMC Theater and purchased a 3D Movie ticket. These were also given away when pre-ordering the LEGO movie video game at Walmart and Game in the UK.

I have found the Lego DJ Robot on sale here in the UK at Amazon and Ebay. Currently retailing at £11.99. Affiliate link above. These are 100% collectible and if you are a major LEGO fan I would highly recommend you purchase this Radio DJ Robot for your personal minifigures collections.


  1. sian thomas says

    I loved this film! I saw it on Valentines day with my boyfriend, we thought we’d be the oldest there & were really surprised when we were the youngest!
    I loved Good Cop- thought he was hilarious!


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