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‘Those Funny White Lies Children Believe?



We all tell the odd little white lie every so often, don’t we! Well, I hope so because I certainly do.

I decided to find out what the best little white lies other bloggers & Parents tell their little ones. It was great to hear some of the ‘Fibs’ you tell, You wicked parents!

It was great to reminisce on all the little ‘fibs’ my parents told me growing up.

Are white lies really that Harmful?

I don’t think so, as long as you don’t teach your kids to lie about serious issues, some white lies can be funny and also have hidden meaning’s. They can be to prevent something from happening and also can make your kids a little more aware at times.

Take a look at our list and see if you have used any of these on your children, Or if your parents used these to trick you.

This is one that I have used a few times when trying to keep the kids of the sweeties.

“When the ice cream man plays his music, it means that he’s got no ice cream left” 

Surprisingly, they have fallen for this on numerous occasions and it still makes me chuckle, my husband used to use it, but doesn’t always have the heart to carry this through and usually ends up buying an ice cream for the kids anyway. I on the other hand stick to my guns because I think it is funny and I like them to stay healthy.  I don’t think this will work for much longer, but at least they can have a laugh about it when they are older, hopefully.

Take a look at the following White lies some of my fellow bloggers tell their children, take a look you may find yourself smiling along.

Emma’s Husband from Fashionmommy’s Blog  told her son

“Black cars aren’t allowed at KFC on Sundays!”

I have never heard this one before, but it’s a great way to avoid costly bills when you’re passing a fast food restaurant. This literally could be used on any colour vehicle and even if the kids don’t believe you, surely they will laugh and it may put a little smile on their faces.

Katie from Katie Cupcake Cymru  came up with two crackers!

“If you sit too close to the TV, you’ll get square eyes!”  And “if you sneeze with your eyes open, they will fall out!”

These sayings I have heard before, and do you know what? I really did believe them when I grew up. It’s funny that we can all remember little things like these and just goes to show how much of an impact they can have. I mean these quotes will continue to be passed on from generation to generation and will never grow old.

My husbands grandmother used to tell him the following white lie, when he ate chewing gum.

“If you swallow it, the chewing gum wraps around your heart”

This was obviously meant to scare him from swallowing the chewing gum, probably because she was scared he would choke on it. It’s funny but he actually still believes this may very well be true and tells our kids this still.

Emma from mental health for parents came up with this, I am sure most have used this one!

“Santa won’t come”

When November comes around, and those little ones are misbehaving this quote must really get used so much. This must be every child’s Achilles heel around Christmas time, surely, they would like to start behaving and see all those lovely present’s dropped off by Santa on Christmas morning. My children are a little too old to fall for this, but if I could still use it I certainly would.

 So come on tell me what your special little White lies are! I would absolutely love to hear what you say to your kids to make life a little easier.

Oh, and by the way Mum and Dad! I never actually believed you when you told me!

“If you go outside with your hair wet, you will catch cold”.

Although is this true, Oh, I still don’t know could somebody please tell me!




Article Name
Funny White Lies, you may tell your kids
After many years of knowing I told them, White Lies can be fun, they also have an impact on the way we grow up. Some are meaningless, but some actually have hidden meanings.
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  1. Hazel Rea says

    My son (then not quite 3) was not wiping his nose properly. It was early December. I told him Father Christmas didn’t come to children who didn’t wipe their noses properly. Every time his nose needed to be wiped he stood in the middle of the room and shouted “Look Father Christmas, I’m wiping my nose – you bring my presents.” I did feel guilty though. My husband used to tease the children with “If I unscrew your bellybutton your bottom will fall off” – they thought it was hilarious.

  2. Danielle Graves says

    My son is too young for me to use white lies on just yet but I remember my grandad always telling me i had to eat my crusts they would put hairs on my chest and me thinking why do I want hairs on my chest I’m a girl??

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