Hive Active Heating: Saving you time and Energy

Hive Active Heating

Hive Active Heating

Saving you time and Energy

As a busy mum running a household, anything that can save us time or money is very welcome in our home, when something is available that can save both time and money, that really grabs my attention and interest, I just have to know about it.

When I heard about Hive Active heating from British gas I was amazed and intrigued. It is designed for families with busy lives and who uses modern, innovative technology which enables you to monitor, alter and control your hot water and heating remotely via your Smartphone, tablet or laptop; Everyone in my house is on an iPhone or an Android phone so this is ideal for a family like us!

The Hive costs only £199 and  includes installation, It’s professionally installed by British Gas engineers alongside your current heating system and there is absolutely no need  to switch suppliers, so no fussing around having to cancel your existing Heating supplier.

Once the Hive is installed, you’ll be able to see if the temperature at home has dropped or risen, either whilst you are at home or out for the day. And because you’ll be controlling everything from your phone you can change your settings instantly, making your home just the right temperature. So if you leave the house in a rush and leave the heating on by accident, you can simply turn off the heating via your iPhone or android – saving money and not wasting energy. This is something I do very often and I could kick myself if I am out  and I know the heating will have been on for 7 hours wasting precious money, like other families we just don’t have.

It is also a fantastic tool for those cold winter nights, Instead of going home to a cold, uninviting home on an evening, you can now use your phone to turn on the heating on your way home from work or when you are picking the kids up from school, to be invited by a warm and cosy home.

How does it work?

The Hive Active Heating offers you a state of the art kit with everything you need to control your heating and hot water remotely – wherever you are and whenever you want.

The wireless thermostat

This is fitted to a suitable wall around the home and allows you to increase or decrease the temperature, set schedules and features automatic frost protection to help avoid frozen pipes. The hub simply plugs into the back of your broadband router and enables the thermostat to connect to the internet and be controlled remotely. The small receiver is installed next to your boiler and enables the thermostat and boiler to communicate with each other.


The Hub

This box plugs into your broadband router so that the thermostat can connect to the internet and be controlled remotely. This is fitted during the Installation.



The Receiver is Small and neat and  installed close to your boiler. Your receiver enables your thermostat and boiler to communicate with each other.


The Hive App

The Hive app is free to download for both Android and iPhones and allows you to control your heating and hot water from your device no matter where you are. It’s easy to use and because you are able to view if the temperature at home has risen or fallen in real-time, And because you’ll be controlling everything from your phone you can instantly change your settings. The easy to use Hive app, is available to download free for both Android and iPhones, it lets you control your heating and hot water from your phone – wherever you are.

Frost Protection activates automatically when you turn your heating, Off, to help avoid frozen pipes. When the temperature in your home drops below a certain level, Frost Protection will maintain a temperature of at least 7°C: Now that is a fantastic tool to have, this could save you a fortune, I have previously had a frozen pipe before and it cost me a small fortune to have it repaired.


Control your hot water

If you have a hot water tank you can control your hot water in the same way as your heating. And our boost function allows you to turn it on for an extra hour.

If the cost of  heating bills rising concerns you, Your New Year’s resolution is to try to save money in 2014 or You want to be more energy-efficient, then the Hive would be perfect for you.

Or maybe like me you are pretty forgetful, I am constantly leaving the heating on when leaving in a rush for the School run and especially hate coming home to a cold house, when I actually forget to put it on before I leave, this system will surely cover you in any circumstance, The Hive solves all those problems at the touch of a button with the Hive app on your mobile.

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  1. Neil Reynolds says

    Had this system installed on the 28th Feb. Receiver failed today( 08/03 ). no heating or hot water no override so boiler wont start, can’t get an engineer until tomorrow.

    Not impressed.

    • says

      Oh my Goodness, well, I hope they sort it out for you soon. I would have thought there would be some teething problems, but please do let us know the outcome we would love to hear.

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