Win Gioteck RC-1 Gaming Chair and Review

 Gioteck RC-1 Gaming Chair

Gioteck RC-1

The Gioteck RC-1 bean bag chair with sound is certainly an unique product and is perfect for our family.

The Gioteck team have done it again, another amazing product has been released.

Introducing the only gaming chair with total comfort and sound at the same time, I love bean bags they are so handy to have around the home to lounge about in making this design perfect.

Here is a teaser video by Gioteck.

About the Gioteck RC-1 Gaming Chair

The Gioteck RC-1 chair is amazingly versatile it’s stores almost anywhere and not only that but anyone is able to lift this amazing product because it actually is as light as a normal bean bag.

Gioteck RC-1

Its extremely durable and does not lose it’s shape, well it certainly hasn’t yet in our home and the boys have used this on most evenings for the last three weeks.

Gioteck RC-1

My youngest son has a habit of getting things dirty especially after his dinner, The material of the RC-1 allows you to just wipe it off with ease.

We have used the Gioteck RC-1 gaming chair on both the PS3 and  Xbox 360, you can plug the gaming chair into these systems with absolute ease. You will not find a chair that is lightweight, storable, and also has a 2.1 Sound system built in with a Rumble Subwoofer anywhere else.

Gioteck RC-1

We have used gaming chairs before in fact both of the boys have one in their rooms, to be honest I have found the youngest using his over the other chair most days.

Gioteck RC-1

The RC-1 chair is fully compatible with the following systems: PS3, Xbox 360,PC,MAC,IPOD,MP3 Players now thats what I call versatile. So when you purchase this amazing product you know you won’t break your back trying to move it and it will be compatible with most machines in your home.

An absolute must for any Gamer this Christmas

Click here for Stockists

Visit their Twitter page:  @GioteckArmy

Gioteck RC-1

gioteck rc-1

Now is your chance to win one of these amazing Gioteck RC-1 gaming chairs courtesy of Gioteck themselves.

The competition will be run by rafflecopter, entry will end on 4/11/2013, all entrant must follow Gioteck on TWITTER.

The Lucky Winner of the Gaming Char Mr M Blackburn has been emailed. Well done and thank You to everyone who entered.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Kara says

    As a mum of two teen age boys and a gaming mad husband they would love this……although I would have to buy another one!!

  2. Jean Bolsover says

    I’d love this for my son, not only would he be in seventh heaven but it would also save wear and tear on his bed!

  3. michaela atkins says

    i would love to win this for my son save him sprawling all over the sofa so no 1 else can sit down lol

  4. jason w says

    i would like to win this chair because i have made the kids a shed tree house and it would be great to have a gaming chair in there for them to play their games

  5. Donna Towner says

    I would give it to my son he loves his xBox but he usually has to prop himself up on his bed and it sits at a silly angle to the TV so this would mean he could play in peace

  6. Lauren Pilkington says

    id love to win for my son so he doesnt keep pinching my computer chair to take to his room while hes on the xbox

  7. abigail edkins says

    For my youngest son to really make the most out of his gaming experience…and to bribe him to behave lol

  8. Beverley says

    Would be great to be able to game in front of the TV instead of from across the room of without having to do a major furniture move!

  9. Martin Wallbridge says

    With the eldest due to have his room decorated (the only 1 left to do) it would go nicely with his new furniture

  10. Angie McDonald says

    Me and my boyfriend are both keen gamers and this would be perfect to make it more of an experience!

  11. Chris Jonesy Jones says

    It would be a great birthday present for my son, the look on his face would be priceless, he has to sit on a old wooden chair at the moment and this would really blow him away :)

  12. kayleigh white says

    For my console mad brother! All I can hear from downstairs is his computer chair sliding across his floor!

  13. Lynn Savage says

    This would make a great present for my son this christmas. at the moment he uses my moroccan leather pouffe to sit on and I want it back to put my weary legs on in the evening.

  14. Helen Stratton says

    My son has wanted a gaming chair for a long time but we don’t have a very big living room and they always seem to large to have. This beanbag option looks ideal for what he wants and it would suit me as it seems a good size for our room.

  15. Christine Lockley says

    I would love to win this for my son, he’d be thrilled to own such a fab chair – Thanks for the chance to win x

  16. Mia Vine says

    would love it for my six year old nephew, it might stop him jumping all over the furniture when my hubby puts skateboarding games on for him

  17. Louise Asekokhai says

    I would love to give it to my 12 year old son who spends far too much time gaming so he may as well do it in comfort!

  18. YOLANDA (yoey) DAVIS says

    wow, this is so cool. the whole family would love this but would be extra special for my 8 year old son who is gaming mad.

  19. Sheila Reeves says

    would love this as it looks so much easier to store when not in use than any of the other gaming chairs I’ve seen

  20. Teresa Sheldon says

    This would be a lovely prezzie for my son however I must confess I have always wanted to play in one of these so who know maybe I#ll keep it if I win

  21. lindsay chadburn says

    my daughter would love this in her little room she has just moved into by herself, she is missing her sister but too big to share now so this chair would make it more comfy.

  22. Stevie Fairbairn says

    This is great inspiration for a present I could give. To win it would make my brothers eyes light up come Christmas morning. Darn it, is it Christmas already!

  23. stephen holman says

    im giving my PS3 to my nieces when I get the latest Playstation so im sure they’d love this gaming chair to go with it!

  24. Emma Jones says

    My son would be absolutely over the moon to recieve this for Christmas! He loves gaming as do all 11yr old little boys! But being disabled having somewhere comfortable like that to sit is an absolute bonus :) fab giveaway x

  25. Alexander Beaven says

    We have built an amazing gaming room with just one thing missing.A high quality gaming chair that not only kicks a punch with sound but also is very comfortable in which you can just sink into.

  26. John Myers says

    Because im a longtime gamer for years and never had a gamer chair before but have always wanted one. It looks.amazing and comfy. Fingers crossed for the comp.

  27. Claire Appleton says

    My 6 year old son is gaming mad and I have just bought him a Wii U for his birthday which is in a few days. It would be amazing to win the chair for him as a surprise Christmas present, he would love it and I would really enjoy trying it out with him too 😉

  28. Christine Bray says

    This would be so convenient in my small flat for the children & grandkids to play game in front of my TV. Fingers crossed

  29. Linda Guest says

    My son’s gaming chair has seen better days and has to have a book under the one end as the wheel has fell off! This is not good when he gets excited and suddenly pushes the chair back as he usually end up on the floor. Bad idea when he is about to get killed at the end of a level :) I love the idea of the sound too. It’s a great product

  30. Wendy Tolhurst says

    I would love to win this chair and let my son have it as a Christmas present – he would be over the moon as he is always juggling chairs at home to get comfortable when gaming.

  31. Helen says

    My son has just broke his fibula and tibula playing football so is spending more time indoors playing his games console with his friends. I’d love to win this for him to cheer him up and as an early Christmas present.

  32. Lesley Bain says

    My son has this top of his xmas list for the umpteenth year in a row, I’d love him to find it under the tree this year :) x

  33. Hannah Whitling says

    I’d love this for my brother, he loves playing on his playstation, and this would help him enjoy it even more so.

  34. Kirsty Sparks says

    I would love this because I love gaming. I have a PS3, Xbox 360 and PS2 and lay them almost every day so I would get a lot of use out of it.

  35. Emma Boitoult says

    Because my other half keeps using our dining table chairs to sit on whilst gaming and one by one, they’re starting to go a bit wobbly from overuse!

  36. Karen Colquhoun says

    mt son has just started gaming and we are moving into a new house soon so this would be perfect for him starting off his collection or gaming accesories:)

  37. Helen Thurston says

    Looks ideal for my daughter – very comfortable and as it’s lightweight she can put it away when she’s not gaming.

  38. Glen says

    Looks good for gaming. We haven’t got a lot of room in our living room and one/more of us is pretty much always gaming.

  39. susan willshee says

    I’d love to win because when the kids have their friends round this would make them the envy of all their mates!

  40. jessica newman says

    This would make my fiance so happy and its his birthday at the end of the month, i would get lots of brownie points

  41. Frances Morgan says

    I know someone who’s had the crappest year known to man whom this would make a very good Christmas present for :)


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