Daniel Footwear: Michael Kors City Ballet Womens Flat Pumps

daniel footwear michael kors1

  Daniel Footwear Michael Kors City Ballet Flat Pumps   Daniel footwear kindly provided me with some stunning ballet style pumps by the fabulous designer Michael Kors. “I was so excited to receive these pumps, I couldn’t wait to wear them.” Daniel footwear need no introduction,  anyone who knows anything about purchasing the latest & classic […]

Mediflow water pillow: no more sleepless nights


 Mediflow Pillow The best choice to combat sleepless nights!   Who are Mediflow? Mediflow have a great reputation in the healthcare community for developing the Waterbase pillow. Established since 1996 Mediflow have developed  an effective water filled pillow for reducing neck pain and improving quality of sleep! If you’ve tried every different therapeutic and memory […]

Dulux Avengers Bedroom in a Box – Jakes Room

Avengers Dulux Bedroom In A Box

Dulux Bedroom in a Box Avengers Edition   Dulux Bedroom in a box, hmm, I thought to myself is that even possible. A bedroom can be quite a challenging  feat to say the least and especially in our home. My son’s bedroom has been slightly overdue a makeover, so when Dulux and Tots 100 asked […]

Why, I love to Blog! and Never Give Up!

why,I love to blog

Why, I love to Blog! and Never Give Up Over 2 Years ago I started out blogging; it is somewhat strange because it is something I thought I would never do honestly. You have to really weigh up the pros and cons in the very beginning. Some of the questions I asked myself, do I […]

Sex In The City Outfit Feel & Look like Carrie

My Sex in the city outfit 9

Finding that perfect outfit for a special occasion   Why did I need this outfit? My husband and I were invited to an all-day wedding and this is the story about my sex in the city outfit. The wedding was set in North Yorkshire way up in the moors in the middle of nowhere, with some […]

Win 1 of 5 Pippin Kits, Hearts Friendship Charm Bracelet Kit

Friendship Hearts Edition

  Big Birthday Blog Competition: Day 28 Win 1 0f 5 Pippin Kits (Hearts Friendship Charm Bracelet Kits)   The end of our first birthday celebrations is quickly approaching but there is still time for another exclusive U Me and the Kids competition. This time we have 5 Pippin Kits, Hearts Friendship Charm Bracelet Kits […]

Eradicate Allergens with Dyson Cinetic DC54™ cyclones

Eradicate Allergens with Dyson Cinetic DC54™ cyclones

Eradicate Allergens I recently was invited to attended a Dyson event at Westfield Shopping centre London, with my youngest son Jake. After 3 hours on trains from Yorkshire to London , going to the wrong Westfield Shopping centre, we finally arrived at the Dyson Event. I was truly excited about the chance to try out […]

My 1st Years – Win a £50 Gift Voucher

My 1st Years Logo

Big Birthday Blog Competition: Day 27 My 1st Years The Crème de la crème of personalised Gifts     I love unique ideas! Especially when it comes to personalised gifts, and most parents are very similar to me, so I would like to introduce you to My 1st Years.  This is a website, that will make mummy’s […]

Win Razers ultimate blackwidow keyboard

Razers ultimate blackwidow keyboard review

  A real Razer with performance! (Your chance to win this Razer keyboard too) Have you been looking for not only the best keyboard, but a super endurable one too? Then you must certainly look no further – Razer has answered your gaming prayers. The brand new ultimate Black widow keyboard boost sustainability, according to Razer […]

Coca Cola Park lives – Helping get your family fit

coca-cola parklives

 Coca-Cola launch ‘Coca‑Cola Zero Park Lives’  Coca-Cola very kindly sponsored me to attend Britmums Live and check out their coca-cola park lives initiative. After a very educating lunch we had the opportunity to learn all about what Coca-Cola has in store for us this summer. Fiona Angus, Manager of Science at Coca-Cola UK was also there to, […]