Our Terror at the Theme Park – Day from Hell

Our Terror at the Theme Park

Our Terror at the Theme Park If it is going to happen, you can bet it is going to happen to me. We had a great day out planned at one of Britain’s top theme parks, but this really did not go to plan at all! For once, I decided to travel by coach and [...]

A Sneaky child free day by the sea!

scarborough seaside

A Sneaky child free day by the sea! I always connect the Seaside with taking the kids on the beach, building sandcastles, dipping our toes in the freezing cold English sea. To me the seaside represents family time, Ice creams and eating fish and chips whilst trying to dodge the seagulls who are far too cheeky for their [...]

The Ugglys Pup-Pet: Belcher The Dalmatian comes to life


The Ugglys: The Gross Electronic Pup-Pet Review Belcher could be your child’s gross best friend! Grrrrrr, Belcher the Dalmatian could well be your child’s new but gross best friend! I hope that you will like the Uggly Dalmatian just as much as your children will because he is such a friendly looking fellow, don’t you [...]

Dulux Bedroom in a box – After the Makeover & Competition

bedroom in a box after the makeover

Dulux Bedroom in a box Supercharged Jakes Bedroom Dulux After the Makeover Our Thoughts A few weeks ago using Dulux Bedroom in a box, you may recall myself & my husband gave our youngest son’s entire bedroom a stylish super hero themed makeover. The difference in comparison between Jakes room originally and after using the [...]