Deluxe Halo Hair extensions: The New 20″ Halo Dark Brown

Hair extensions

  Halo Hair: The New  20″ Halo Deluxe My Experience with Deluxe Halo Hair extensions This is not my First experience with Halo Hair extensions, in the past I have worn both The 16″ and 20″ Halo and the full head 20″ Deluxe Clip-In hair extensions, and  I have always had such positive experiences with all three. What […]

Win 5 Cute & Stylish Funky Giraffe bibs of your choice

funky giraffe bibs

  Win 5 Funky Giraffe bibs of your choice Be the talk of the nursery! Funky giraffe Bandana Bibs Funky giraffe Bandana bibs come in a range of unique designs with practicality and affordability in mind. You will not find these designs anywhere else as these truly are the genuine article. With ethically sourced materials […]

Simpsons Lego minifigures release date uk

simpsons lego minifigures

Simpsons Lego Minifigures released in the UK Simpsons lego minifigures  look absolutely amazing I think you will agree. You can already purchase the Lego Simpsons house with figures inside, but you just know that to complete your set, you must have characters from all over Springfield. Take a look at the Simpson’s Lego house, which looks amazing too! […]

You’re Never too old for Bedtime Stories

never to old for a bedtime story

The power of a bedtime stories!   After writing a post for World Book Day, It got me thinking back to my childhood where I used to love my Mum reading to me at Bedtime.That cosy feeling when you are wrapped up snug in bed listening to your Mum reading you your favourite story, Listening to your […]

White Lies Funny quotes you use on your Kids


  ‘Those Funny White Lies Children Believe?   We all tell the odd little white lie every so often, don’t we! Well, I hope so because I certainly do. I decided to find out what the best little white lies other bloggers & Parents tell their little ones. It was great to hear some of […]

Making Breakfast time Fun & Fresh!

how to make breakfast fun

  Making Breakfast time Fun & Fresh What annoys you most  at breakfast time? I don’t know about your house, but everyone in my house seems to have a favourite cereal and they are all different. I end up with my cupboards filled to the brim with various boxes of different cereals. I also hate to leave cereal […]

Linky Weekly Competitions updated daily

Competition Linky

LINKY: WEEKLY COMPETITIONS UPDATED DAILY! Here you can link up all of your best competition, I will promote this to my followers at least twice a week to ensure I capture everyone’s competition. This is our first linky so there may be teething problems but lets give this a try! Firstly, thank you for linking up […]

George at Asda launches first supermarket range of premature baby clothing


  George at Asda Launches first supermarket range of premature baby clothing In partnership with Tommy’s  The New Premature Clothing collection at George at Asda George at Asda have launched the first supermarket range of premature baby clothing in partnership with the baby charity Tommy’s. The new range will be the most affordable on the […]

ebay collections


What are eBay Collections? eBay Collections are an exciting and new way to share your very own personal favourite items straight out of eBay itself. This feature is new and exciting and you may very well feel yourself adding pictures to your collections in a similar fashion to Pinterest. The aim is to share your […]

The Bonnie Marcus Collection – #Giveaway #win

win books

  The Bonnie Marcus Collection  Giveaway Our friends at Parragon Books have teamed together with award-winning stationery designer Bonnie Marcus to create this marvelous book collection. PRETTY POCKET PUZZLES: CHIC CROSSWORD This chic crossword collection is part of a great new range of Pretty Pocket Puzzles featuring the stylish illustrations of the Bonnie Marcus Collection. This […]

My day out at Pampers nappies HQ


  The Magic of Pampers Nappies   I was very excited when I was invited to attend Pampers HQ in Manchester to learn and see first hand just what goes into designing and manufacturing Pampers Nappies. A host of  bloggers and the press attended  to meet the UK Pampers team and find out just how their nappies […]

Is my Son Being Bullied? Help Required

is my son being bullied

First year at high school! When my son started high school this year, I must admit I was quite happy because he had struggled so much at primary school, A fresh start was on the cards for him at last. Now I know I still have reservations about high school, but yet I was reassured by […]

#Win Rare #Lego promo figure and CHIMA Crominus Lego set


 Win Rare Lego promo figure and Crominus Lego set I have been collecting Lego for such a long predominantly for the kids (Well, that’s what I tell everyone). I was lucky enough to secure an additional promo Lego Figure Winzar from the Legends of CHIMA sets. This was collected from the Leeds Lego Store to celebrate […]

Mothers day gifts 2014

  Mother’s Day Gifts Guide 2014  Get the perfect gift for your Mother! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I have searched the internet and found some of the most thoughtful and pampering gifts for that special lady in your life. The following gifts are simply perfect and will suit all budgets and tastes. So […]

Review: Multipower Protein shakes Lite 55 Grams


  55 Grams of protein in one shake!   In my house Fitness and bodybuilding are extremely important, especially with my Husband and my eldest son. They go to the Gym at least 4-5 times a week, doing both Cardio fitness and bodybuilding. My husband drinks Whey protein drinks daily and is very keen on taking supplements to […]

How being in a relationship can save you money!


How being in a relationship Actually save you money? Have you ever really thought to yourself does being a single person cost you more or does being in a relationship, actually save you  money? “Hmm, I don’t really know, but I do now!” That’s why we have the below info graphic to tell you all […]

Review: Sheer Cover Studio Trueshade Technology

Sheer Cover Studio: Trueshade Technology

 Sheer Cover Studio: Trueshade Technology   INTRODUCTORY VIP KIT   As a daily foundation wearer, I was intrigued to try out the new Sheer Cover mineral Make-up, to see if it really lived up to the hype I have heard. The new Sheer Cover Studio is leading the way in mineral Make-up with it’s Trueshade Technology, […]

Sex Education Homework: Featuring Sergeant Spermy!


  Sex Education Homework: Hilarious Results! When my son told me his homework was ‘The story of the Sperm and the Egg’, I expected him to produce a step by step textbook guide of how sperm fertilize the egg, I was waiting for awkward questions about sex topics. Not really relishing the thought of  having to tell my […]

Sonny Angel #BigCompetition & (T&C) Today until 5pm


Sonny Angel #BigCompetition (T&C) Tweet me your favourite animal joke to win a Sonny Angel Animal Figure (blind bag). Include @umeandthekids2 and @asobi_toys in the tweet I will choose the funniest one as the winner. The #bigcompetition closes at 5pm (UK Time) 5th March 2014 A winner will be chosen by 10pm 5th March 2014 […]