30% discount on the Gioteck RC-1and RC-5 gaming chairs

30% discount on the Fantastic

Gioteck RC-1 & RC-5 gaming chairs

gaming chair discount

 The RC-5 current retail price is £168.99, and for a limited time using the promo code below you will pick this amazing product up for £118.29 at Amazon

Gioteck hasn’t stopped there, you can also get the

The RC-1 current retail price is £59.99, for a limited time using the same promo code below you can also pick this gaming chair up for £41.99 at Amazon

I think you will agree that is an awesome saving and two superb and very different high quality gaming chairs perfect for all harden gamers.

There is also Free delivery on both items

The promo code is scheduled until the end of March 2014…..


The code for the promo is GIOCHAIR

Check out our Review of the RC-1



  1. teressa oliver says

    perfect. been looking for gaming chairs for our new gaming room. at this great price i can get two for the price of one


    My son would absoloutely love this, I hate to say it ,but xmas isn’t that far off. GROAN!!! Thanks for the reviews though.

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