Gioteck RC-5 Pro Gaming Chair Review

Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair

Gioteck RC-5 Pro Gaming Chair Review

Being big family gamers at u, me and the kids, we are really excited about this amazing new RC-5 gaming chair that the Gioteck team has managed to conjure up.

The Gioteck team knows gaming, and you can rest assured that when you buy their products you will be certainly getting the very best quality for your money.

Just Check out the specifications of the RC-5 Gaming chair and have a think about what gaming would be like with this amazing product in your  home.

Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair

What Features does the Gioteck RC-5 Pro Gaming Chair have?

The Gioteck RC-5  is the elite of all Gaming ChairsIt is compatible with the PS3, XBOX 360, PC & Mac and is also compatible with iPod, MP3 players and TV’s.

With an RCA male to male cable the Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair is compatible with the PS4

Feel the Vibration!

This amazing chair features a Rumble Sub woofer, which gives you the feeling you are actually in the midst of the action whilst playing  your game.

You really do feel all the vibrations and sounds immersing around you whilst you are sat in the gaming chair.

Designed in a racing style with a racing red pinstripe, made from Hard wearing textiles.

The Gioteck RC-5 pro gaming chair  is designed with superior materials to provide the ultimate comfort for gamers.

The Sound Specifications

An amazing 2.1/5.1 Surround sound speakers for a more realistic in-game sound and effects.

Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair

The Test!

My son tested out the Gioteck RC-5 pro gaming chair and he has not given me it back!

He was very skeptical about replacing his older chair with a new one. Jake is not very keen on change, but as soon as he sat in the new updated chair I could tell he was going to enjoy his new power seat.

The first thing Jake & I noticed is that the chair was very comfy, none of those wooden edges sticking in your back and if you have had an older gaming chair you will certainly know what I mean.

Is the Gaming Chair Heavy?

The Chair is lighter than other gaming chairs we have had in the past, which is a real bonus because I don’t have to call my husband to move it around whilst cleaning Jake’s room.

Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair Rocks

Literally, I love the fact you can slightly rock back & forth in Gioteck RC-5 gaming chair enabling you to get the correct position, and the back support simply moulds to your body perfectly.

Our thoughts on the sound

It’s very difficult to explain the sound quality that comes from the Gioteck RC-5 Pro Gaming Chair.  It’s great I certainly know that and Jake is impressed because he can hear footsteps and loud noises coming from all angles as the sound bounces off  the walls inside his room. It is certainly louder than the last gaming chair he had and I have stood and listened whilst he plays a game and I certainly think it sounds crystal clear.

The Chair Just Folds Away!

This is a great feature you can simply fold the Gioteck RC-5 Pro Gaming Chair away, although you are not going to fit it any small places in your home, it’s certainly well worth knowing you can gain a little extra space when you have finished with the chair.

Sitting High or Low

You can choose to either sit the Gioteck RC-5 Pro Gaming Chair on its metal base or simply don’t put it on the base and sit directly on the floor. We have chosen the chair to be placed on the base because it’s certainly not going to be going anywhere soon, if Jake has his own way.

Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair

Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair

As you can probably tell, We absolutely love the  Gioteck RC-5 Gaming Chair and I would highly recommend it for your gaming needs.

Thanks to Gioteck for sending us the RC-5 Gaming Chair to Review.

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Check out the below video explaining in a little more detail from Gioteck themselves.

Do you own a Gioteck Gaming accessory? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment below

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Gioteck RC-5 Pro Gaming Chair Review
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  1. Ste Carr says

    Good review. I was after one of these for the kids! (Myself, more like). I wasn’t too sure if these gaming chairs were any good but thanks to your review I think I may buy meyself, erm, the kids one.

  2. David says

    No I have had two of these and both were no good. One of the speakers did not work on the first. .. and the second collapsed on me .. For the money there are much better ones just take your time

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